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Guest Post: 6 Simple Decorating Changes You Can Make in a Day

If you are short on time and want to make a bit impact in your home, never fear!  There are plenty of ways you can add big style to your home in a very short time.  Check out these ideas submitted by Karleia Steiner.

 Do you want to decorate certain areas of your home giving it a greater sense of style? Not sure what projects you could do with only a limited amount of time? You can make easy changes to any room in your home with careful planning and execution in just one day. These changes can be made without breaking the bank.

design changes in a day

Photo by Maggie Smith

6 Simple decorating changes that can be completed in one day include:

  • Paint Feature Walls
  • Change Light Fixtures
  • Update Cabinet Hardware
  • Change Bedding
  • Add Curtains
  • Hang Wall Frames

Paint Feature Walls

The easiest and least expensive change that will produce a huge impact in your home is to add paint to the walls. Choose a prominent wall in your home and add a bold paint color. This is known as a feature wall. Use bold colors such as black, red, blue, green or brown. This color selection should coordinate with the sofas or pillows in the space. You can also paint horizontal or vertical stripes to give the room added depth.

Change Light Fixtures

Nothing changes the look and ambiance of a room more than adding decorative lighting. This can be achieved by using lamps, chandeliers or recessed lights. Consider highlighting a wall or a tall tree with spot lights or track lighting. This will create a lovely nighttime ambiance.

Change Cabinet Hardware

You can instantly give your kitchen cabinets a fresh and stylish new look by replacing the cabinet knobs and drawer pulls. This can be achieved using materials such as wrought iron, glass, pewter or copper. Cabinet hardware is available in numerous colors and sizes.

Modern Beach cottage master bedroom

Change Bedding

Give your bedroom an exciting new look by changing the style and color of the bedding. Add a fluffy comforter and a variety of different sizes of pillows. Be sure to add shams, throws and quilts for a more stylish look.

Add Curtains

Soften the look of the windows in your home with dramatic window coverings. Greenbaum Interiors and other quality interior design companies offer a wide selection including blinds, shutters, curtains and shades. These additions will add interest and texture to windows of any size or shape.

Hang Wall Frames

You can instantly change the look of a long hallway with the addition of photo frames. Consider using a collection of vintage frames with intricate colors and details to create a custom look for the space.

By implementing simple changes in your home, you can give your spaces extra added warmth, style and character all within a day.

Karleia is a freelance blogger. Away from the office she enjoys spending time with her two daughters and husband.


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