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Guest Post:  Simple Ways to Freshen Your Home

Guest Post: Simple Ways to Freshen Your Home

If you want to change up the look in your home without spending a lot of money, there are many options for you.  Check out today’s guest post for some ways to freshen your home decor easily and quickly.

Even when money is tight there are still plenty of little things you can do to spruce up your home. Little touches here and there can go a long way to brighten up or even completely change the look of a room from having a change round with the furniture, to adding some wall art or even a rug.

Wall Art

There does come a point when only a complete room make-over will do, but in between times there are a few tricks you can employ to liven up and refresh any room in your home. Wall art is a great place to start, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Many home furnishing companies sell art, framed or unframed that will match in with your current design and colour scheme. If money is a real issue however, simply changing round what you’ve got can also work.  Move your art pieces to a new location to refresh your look at no cost.

wall art

Photo courtesy Art.com

Changing the lighting is also a great way to give a room a completely new look. There are many different styles available from specialist lighting stores as well as numerous large DIY stores. It must be said however that some jobs are best done by a qualified electrician; if you don’t know how to change a light fitting, don’t risk it. At best you can fuse the electrics in your house, at worst you can do yourself a nasty injury. Changing a light shade isn’t a big job, but can make a big difference to your room for only the matter of a few pounds.

Focal points
Having a change round can make a big difference particularly in living rooms and bedrooms. It is a great way to maximise space and change the focus of a room. For example, many people have the TV as the focal point in their lounge. Even though this is the thing that we tend to stare at the most when in this room, why not have sofas facing each other over the coffee table? If you have a family, this is a good way to encourage and stimulate conversation by drawing the attention away from the television. Before the TV, or radio, the fireplace would be the focal point in a living room. If you have a nice fire place, why not give this a try?

living room furniture

Changing the appearance of the floor can completely change the appearance of the room. The current trend has been toward wooden or laminate flooring and a nice rug on such flooring can add both warmth and comfort. Wool rugs in particular can be really cosy under foot. Even in carpeted rooms, the addition of a rug can liven things up. If you have a patterned carpet try a plain rug, if you have a plain carpet you can be a little more adventurous.

There are many things you can do to liven your room, go to the right store and you will find a great range of accessories, including wall art and lighting. Try a rug specialist for a good range of plain and patterned rugs.

Simone Johnson is an interior designer and features writer specialising in home design. She writes for a range of home and interior design magazines and websites. She lives in London with her husband and two cats.

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