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Guest Post:  Decorating Tips for Wide Open Spaces

Guest Post: Decorating Tips for Wide Open Spaces

Everyone wants a wide, open floor plan in their homes.  Not only does an open layout make a space feel larger, but it also allows for better views throughout the home.  But, the lack of walls can create some decorating conundrums.  In today’s guest post, Sarah Argent offers her tips for decorating a wide, open space.

When decorating for a large open space area, it’s often best to keep things neutral. Since the area is expansive, it’s best to keep things simple. The emphasis should be on the space itself, rather than a busy color palette. Unity is key here.

This open space kitchen and living room pulls from the same color palette to keep things unified. The muted grey walls play off the brown cabinetry that extends from kitchen to living room.

open floor plan decorating

Image from Comfree

Here’s a less obvious way to allow a large, shared space play off its unique elements. The dark browns of the tables, chairs, shelving and exposed beams work to bring this kitchen, living and dining space together.

open floor plan decor

Image from Don Stevenson Design

This next photo shows how much an open space living room and kitchen area can really open a small place up, to show its full potential. The color palette is not as obvious here, but the muted dusty green plays especially well with the yellows in the living area.

open floor plan decor

Image from Better Homes and Gardens

A space this large real is the dream and it looks even better because it is so wide open. The windows allow for plenty of natural light to come in and play off the eggshell walls and cabinetry.

open floor decorating

Image from Highland Homes Inc

The exposed beams in the living area of this room show how to subtly separate an open space, while the white of the fireplace, counter and cabinetry pull everything back together.

open floor plan decor

Image from Houzz

Sarah Leigh Argent, is an interior design consultant with a passion for COLOR! Follow her on Google+ for more design tips.

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