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Guest Post:  What Basic Choices to Consider When Redecorating

Guest Post: What Basic Choices to Consider When Redecorating

There are SO many decisions to make when redecorating a room.  What look do you prefer, and what works with the rest of your home?  What colors do you like?  What type of furniture is best?  It can feel overwhelming.  Read on for a guest post that can help you narrow down what choices you need to make before you get started with your decorating project.

When it comes to decorating a room it can be hard to decide exactly what you want it to look like. There are so many different things to choose between; bold prints or soft pastel? Antique cupboards or modern glass tables?  Carpeted surfaces or wooden floors? These are all decisions that need to be made and let me tell you, it’s not always easy.

Here are some things you need to think about when decorating a room. These five points will help you make difficult decisions and will help you decide on what you want your chosen room to look like once completed.

1) Pastel or Prints?

print or pastel

This is probably the most important question. The colour of your room affects all of the other decisions you have to make. There are thousands of different colours to choose from, but then you have to decide if you want it painted or wallpapered.

A good choice because you can buy testers, use them on your walls and decide what colour would look best. It’s also quite simple to paint over a colour if you change your mind in a few years time. Painting a room may take a while but the results can be very satisfying.

Wallpaper use has waned over the years because people find it difficult to apply and feel it can be a messy job to carry out. If you feel this way about wallpaper then I don’t think it’s the right choice for you, but with the amount of textures and colours they come in, it could be a great choice for your room. It can really transform a room from from a dull one to something bright and visually exciting, and it is rising again in popularity.

There’s always the option of using wallpaper AND paint. It may sound crazy but over the last few years it a has become a huge trend in the interior design industry. Many people prefer to have a feature wall in their home using patterned wallpaper and having the remaining three walls painted in a similar colour. Think about it, it could look amazing in your living area.

Now that decision has been made, it’s time to move onto the other decisions…

2) Carpet or Wood?

carpet wood

It can be difficult to decide what type of flooring you want in the room you’re planning on decorating. Carpet is mainly used in living areas, hallways and bedrooms because it’s softer to walk on and is good for keeping in heat. Wooden floors are also used in living areas because they’re easier to clean and maintain. Having a wooden or carpet floor is completely your choice, just make sure the colour coordinates with the colour of your walls.

3) Antique or Modern?

antique sofamodern desk

Believe it or not, antique furniture is still heavily popular in the interior design sector. If you really wanted to, you could fill a room with antique furniture and it would look good and the same goes with modern furniture. But beware, crossing the two can be a bad idea and can ruin the look of a room, unless it’s done correctly.

4) Curtains or Blinds?

blinds curtains

Curtains are sometimes felt to be old fashioned with many people now investing in blinds in many rooms of their homes. But, having curtains in your room can add an extra feature and make the room feel more cozy and relaxed. Blinds are brilliant to have in bedrooms for keeping the early morning light out during the weekends when you’d much prefer to sleep in.  And, of course, you can use blinds for light control and add decorative draperies for beauty.

5) Leather or Fabric?

leather fabric

Now that you have decided what type of furniture you would like (antique or modern), it should make choosing a sofa a lot easier. Choosing what type of material you want for your couch can be difficult but there is always a solution. You should already have a colour in mind (one to work with the colour scheme of your walls and flooring – one that doesn’t blend in too much) it’s just the choice of texture.

Our advice is to head down to a furniture store and try some out. You want it to be comfortable if you’re going to be sitting on it every day and long lasting. This can be said for any type of seated furniture you wish to have in your home, from dining furniture to your desk chair. You should test everything to make sure you’re happy with it before you purchase it, otherwise you may regret your actions later on down the line.

At the end of the day, the room is yours to do what you want with it. So if you want to paint the walls bright pink, have blue carpet and yellow furniture, that’s completely your choice. But, if you’re struggling with those tough interior design decisions and you’re not sure what you want, follow our 5 steps above and I’m sure they’ll help. Good luck!

This guest post was written by Grace Nolan on behalf of The Poles Company, a guest writer specialising in the interior design sector. The Poles Company supply a wide range of curtain poles to individuals across the UK.

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