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About the Site & The Founder

Mission Statement:

Interior design is more than paint and pretty pillows.  Good design has the power to change the way we live, work and play.  It can motivate us, make us more productive and help us get organized.  Good design can change our mood and our appetite.  Great design has little to do with budget, and a lot to do with discovering what works for you.

I have discovered that there are several different types of interior design clients.  Some of my clients dislike the process of design, and they hate to shop.  They are looking for their designer to make all their decisions for them, and to lift the burden of their projects from their shoulders.  This type of client needs full-service interior design help from their designer – from space planning to shopping.


However, I have also worked with another kind of client.  I have found that many of my clients have  numerous ideas for their homes, but they don’t know how to create a design plan out of those ideas.  They know what they like, what they don’t like and what they want to spend.  They love to shop, but they don’t know where to start.  Even worse, they don’t know how to finish their designs!  Often, they don’t need all the services a designer has to offer… they just need a little push in the right direction.

A Little Design Help was created for these clients.

On this site, you will find articles to teach you how to create a beautiful and functional home – on your own!  I work to bring you the latest design trends, along with ideas for how to bring them into your space.  You will find DIY projects, as well as ideas and photos submitted by you, the readers.  I also post the very best deals I find for design and decor products of all types – from paint to pillows – helping you to stretch your design budget, no matter how large or small.  My sincere hope is that A Little Design Help will give you the tools and inspiration to Discover the Designer in You...


About the Founder of A Little Design Help, Teri Larsen, ASID

I have been a professional interior designer since 1998, having earned a BFA in Interior Design.  I am a Registered Interior Designer in the State of Wisconsin, as well as a Professional Member of ASID (American Society of Interior Designers).   I operate my own design studio,  T. Larsen Design LLC, providing interior design services in the Western Wisconsin and Twin Cities area of Minnesota, as well as online services as my schedule allows.

I designed my first room at the age of 13, when my very obliging mother let me paint my walls lavender and my furniture white.  I’m afraid my daughter may be following in my footsteps; at the age of 6, she once demanded that the honeydew-green walls of her bedroom be painted a lovely shade of petal pink!  Even my son has been rearranging his furniture.  My husband just tries to stay out of the way; he’s a wise man.

Writing about design gives me a chance to share my love of design with you; I’m always looking for new writing opportunities and better ways to show you how interior design can change your life.

My passion is teaching people about the power of good (great) interior design in their homes and in their lives, and that passion has led to this – A Little Design Help for you.

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