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Design Through the Ages – Infographic

Design Through the Ages – Infographic

You may not realize it, but interior design has had a place in history for ages…literally!  Long before HGTV blew onto our televisions, aristocracy decorated their homes with the latest in interior fashions. 

This infographic submitted by Amy on behalf of Creatively Different Blinds in the UK sums up some of the major interior decorating styles starting with the Middle Ages.  We’ve seen a resurgence of some of these styles, as parts of them have become popular again in today’s interiors.  All those scrolled, gaudy mirrors you see painted fabulous, bright colors in Pinterest?  Yup…check out the Rococo style below – they may look familiar!  🙂  Which of these styles fits you best?

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  1. Really nice infographic. Thanks for sharing.

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