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No Sew Bedroom Valance

No Sew Bedroom Valance

Today’s post isn’t so much a “how-to” (because it will be pretty self-explanatory when you see the photos!), but a source of inspiration.

I got this photo from my cousin Erica in Utah, and it was simply too great not to share with you.  (I believe she’s actually my first cousin once removed, but who’s counting?)  She created a valance for her daughter’s room out of her old baby clothes!  How’s THAT for recycling?  She simply chose a decorative curtain rod and put it through the arm holes on each outfit until she had enough to span the width of the window.  For best results, I would recommend choosing clothing that is similar in length, as she did here, or choose longer pieces for the ends to create an arched look.  And, vary the patterns and colors throughout the valance to balance everything out.

no sew bedroom valance

Photo Courtesy Erica Kardelis

In fact, Erica created two of these valances, after the original pink design didn’t strike her daughter’s fancy anymore.  So – on to blues and greens.

bedroom valance baby clothes

Photo Courtesy Erica Kardelis

I think this is such a creative way to hang on to favorite outfits from your children.  What fun is it to have them stored away in the attic or closet?  And, it couldn’t be simpler to create…no sewing necessary.

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