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Before and After:  Master Bedroom Valance

Before and After: Master Bedroom Valance

I truly believe that window treatments are the finishing touch in any room.  A space just doesn’t seem quite finished without something on the windows.  Check out this master bedroom project to see how a valance adds just the right touch to the room.

As you can see, this bedroom is 80% complete – furniture is nearly in place, and woven wood shades offer protection from the sun.  But, the windows still look somewhat unfinished, and need a little softening.  We wanted to soften not only the hard lines of the windows, but also the sharp contrast between the cocoa shades and the white trim.

master bedroom window before pic

So, here is what we came up with!  The main valance fabric echos the warmth of the carpet, while bringing a subtle pattern to the window.  The lining fabric mimics the color of the walls, offering a soft contrast to the look.   The valance style is called a French Pick-up, and it is mounted on a board for easy installation.  A board-mounted valance also saves the cost of buying a rod or decorative brackets.  The board was hinged at two locations so the installer could easily follow the angles of the wall when he put the valance on the window.  This makes the three windows almost feels as though they are one large bay window.  As always, I chose to mount the valance above the window trim closer to the ceiling; we kept it low enough to cover most of the shades when they are fully raised, but high enough so the valance doesn’t interfere with the view (which will eventually be better than a construction zone!) or the light in the room.  And, the taffeta fabric brings a shabby chic elegance to the space.

Master bedroom window valance after pic

What do you think of this master bedroom window transformation?

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