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Guest Post:  6 Ways Home Decor Items Can Change Your Home

Guest Post: 6 Ways Home Decor Items Can Change Your Home

Many people think of home decor as fluff.  It’s the “pretty” things that make a home look good.  But, home decor can have a more significant impact on your home than simply making it look good.  Anita Ginsburg offers 6 ways home decor is so much more than “pretty.”

Your home should be a place where you and your family and can relax and find comfort. A cluttered home can quickly become a stressful environment. While the paint color you choose can make a big difference in your home, simple décor items can play a bigger role in the overall mode of your home. Following are some reasons décor can drastically change the feeling in your home.

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Choosing the right home decor items for overall functionality of a home is a significant happiness enhancer. Being surrounded by non-functional clutter, even if it is in the name of style, can easily turn into a frustrating and undesirable experience. Opt for items which complement the flow of the home’s daily living needs for a smartly organized and functional end result.


Whether your style is romantic, industrial, shabby, chic or traditional, atmosphere and ambiance count. Fabulous lighting is one definite go-to. Warm up a cool industrial look by lighting several candlesticks don the mantle. A fireplace is a great way to add a cozy ambiance, while unique wall art makes a room feel more modern.


Sitting on a hard dining chair simply won’t provide the comfort you or your guests will appreciate. While comfort may vary from person to person, a plush landing to rest those weary bones simply can’t be beat. Consider decorating your room with colorful, plush chairs that add personality to the room and comfort to anyone who visits.


Sometimes all you need for a little pick-me-up is just the right home decor accent piece. Even the smallest treasure can make a difference to a space while bringing a smile to the heart. From picture frames to lounge chairs, accenting really changes the mood of any room.


Small, cramped spaces can actually take a toll on our moods. Help remedy such problems with space-saving home decor items which provide the illusion of a larger space. Consider using an ottoman that can be used for storage as well. You can find many pieces of furniture that look nice and double for storage at various furniture stores.


Start your day off right by setting car keys in a complementing tray next to that handy mail basket strategically placed next to those keys. When everything has a place, life takes a simplified turn for the better.

Turning your home into a pleasing place of warmth and comfort doesn’t have to be difficult. Make it a point to brighten your day with beautiful home decor items you will love.

Anita Ginsburg is a freelance writer from Denver and writes about home, business, finance and family. A mother of two, she enjoys traveling with her family when she isn’t writing.  If you find yourself in Sarasota, FL, Anita recommends that you check out HHH Interiors for your furniture needs.

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