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Guest Post:  10 Decor Ideas For a Modern Bedroom

Guest Post: 10 Decor Ideas For a Modern Bedroom

Today’s guest post comes to us from Michelle Lim.  If your decorating style leans toward the modern, read on for some great tips that will help you create a modern bedroom in your home.

There are many things you can do to turn your bedroom into a modern masterpiece. Some of these changes are big, while some can be done relatively quickly. The staples of modern are sleek lines, simplicity and neutral colors. With these three staples, you can be creative and use them in any way that fits your taste.

Modern Beach cottage master bedroom


Nothing says modern more than luxury bedding. Luxury bedding is smooth and clean and will work well into a simple modern design. Thread count is what is used to determine how luxurious bedding is. The higher the thread count, the better as this makes it very soft and inviting. You also want to look for Egyptian cotton in a high thread count, such as 600 or more, because this is the softest material you will find. Once you have your sheets and pillow cases, look for a simple comforter. This can be a little puffy, but not overstuffed. It should fit the bed well with only a little overhang.

Pick Neutral Paints

Neutral colors are the backbone of modern design. Since this is a bedroom, a stark white or light gray may feel too sterile. Choose a warm, but light beige color. This will keep things warm and allow for a romantic ambiance when there is candle light or dim lighting in the room.

Decorative Pieces

Now, when you are adding decorative pieces, these can be in bright colors to add a pop of color. However, you want to keep a scheme, so with your pops of color choose two or three colors that at on the same spectrum and just use these colors.

modern bedroom

Photo courtesy Room and Board

Limit Clutter

You do want a few statement pieces, but part of modern design is simplicity. For example, a lamp at each side of the bed, a few paintings that are not too busy, some candles and a few other small pieces. Do not over-decorate.

Choose Modern Furniture

Furniture that fits into modern design has straight lines and is simple. You want wood that is uncarved and not ornate. A simple bed is one with a rectangular headboard and just a box frame. A dark wood, white, black or very light wood would be the best choice for color. Your side tables should be simple and any drawer handles should also be simple and with clean lines. The same rules apply to dressers. All furniture should be the same color and should match.

Go Spacious

You want the room to be open and spacious. So, if your room is small, skip the second dresser and use a closet for overflowing clothing. Place the bed in a way where it does not take up the majority of the space in the room. You also want to keep both sides of the bed open instead of pushing the bed sideways up against the wall.

Simple Window Coverings

Wooden blinds that the color of your furniture or just a shade darker or lighter encompasses modern design. Now, if you choose wooden blinds, you will not put up anything on the windows. The blinds will be all that is on the windows. If you choose curtains, choose a straight panel that is clean and simple. These can offer a pop of color that matches the colors of the decorative objects you have placed in the room.

modern bedroom window

Photo courtesy Hunter Douglas

Keep Comfort in Mind

Some modern pieces of furniture are not the most comfortable. Now, when you choose a bed frame, you want clean lines and simplicity. However, you can choose the mattress that you find most comfortable. Make sure your pillows and bedding are also what you find most comfortable.

Keep Versatile Lighting

Candle light works with modern very well, especially when you want a more romantic feel. Now you need lights too. Your side table lights should be sleek and can either be a fun, modern shape, or just very simple. A good example would be a metal base with a colorful shade. As for other lights, either modern sconces or recessed lights work best.


Wood floors are the trend in modern design. If you do not want to get out of bed every morning and place your feet on a cold floor, then choose a large area rug to place under and around the bed. This rug can be in a fun color or design, or it can be a single, color neutral rug. Choose whichever works best for you.

About the author:  Michelle Lim has written for Chicago Luxury Beds for years. When she’s not consumed with her writing, you can find her reviewing Vi spring beds and keeping up with the home décor trends.



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