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Guest Post:  5 Trendy Home Decor Styles For 2013

Guest Post: 5 Trendy Home Decor Styles For 2013

Today’s guest post comes to us from Chris Stanbridge, who offers an overview of 5 popular home design styles for 2013.  While you may not want to redecorate your home to accommodate the latest trend, I think you’ll find that these styles are very adaptable to your current decor; just a few key changes, and you can have the trendiest home on the block!

An eclectic group of interior design styles are popular in 2013. You will be sure to find something to suit your individual home decorating tastes in this year’s popular offerings.  Vintage, Industrial, Shabby Chic, French Provincial, and Beach House design themes are all en vogue this year.


Vintage design is essentially reusing antique furniture and décor in your home in a fresh and updated way. It can range from a room using completely matching antique sets, to an eclectic design that uses pieces from different eras to create a lived-in space that looks as if it was collected over time. One advantage of vintage design is that it reuses furniture and is therefore environmentally friendly. Another is that most older furniture is much sturdier and better made that modern manufactured pieces. The vintage look is classy and sophisticated, reminding us of times gone by.  It also allows you to use pieces you already have in your home, while bringing new or “new” vintage pieces into the mix seamlessly.

Vintage Home Decor


Industrial design employs more metal, wood, and rougher materials to convey a feeling of an industrial space. Often this style is popular in loft apartments or places that already have a factory feel to them, with exposed ductwork or brick walls. The furniture highlights function over beauty and will often be made of raw metal or unadorned wood. The effect is minimalistic and masculine. The flooring of choice is polished concrete, giving it a plain yet fashionable look.  Furniture items like this one from Restoration Hardware appear old and blend in perfectly with an industrial decor theme.

RH Utility Bar Cart

Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic style, on the other hand, is softer and lighter than industrial. It isn’t quite vintage, although many times it uses older furniture. The effect is more eclectic and comfortable rather than stylistic. Shabby Chic uses pastels, lighter colors, lace and feminine touches to make a comfortable, cozy environment.  The use of varied shades of white layered in one space is a hallmark, as is furniture that is not quite modern, but not quite antique. Think of Shabby Chic as the ultimate comfort design—use what you have to make a bright, cozy and inviting space and you’ve probably nailed it.  This design by Rachel Ashwell is a perfect example of Shabby Chic decor:

Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Bedroom

French Provincial

French Provincial design is inspired by rural French homes from the 1600’s. The heart of a French home is the fireplace, so this will be the focal point of the living space. There is an emphasis on natural materials such as wood and stone or tile, with an emphasis on color contrasting from dark to light. Many of the decorations are inspired by the countryside or farms, such as roosters as part of the décor, and the famous Toile de Jouy—bleached cotton printed with pastoral scenes and used heavily in everything from linens to wall hangings. The main theme of French Provincial décor is rustic, yet genteel.

french provincial design

Photo courtesy Hooker Furniture

Beach House

The sea and the bright, airy homes that are located nearby inspire Beach House décor. The color white plays a prominent role, to maximize natural light in the room. Bright colors that may remind you of tropical fish and coral are used as accents as well as main colors in the room. Sea motif decorations such as shells, fish, and sailboats are often employed as well. Floors may be wood or even stone or tile but will keep a natural, earthy appeal. The overall effect should be airy, natural, and full of light, even if the home is landlocked a thousand miles from the ocean.

beachy cottage fireplace and kitchen

Whatever your tastes, there is an interior design fashion popular for 2013 that you will love. From purely functional to simply cozy, antique to bright and new, there is a décor style for you.

Chris is passionate about interior design and has written numerous articles on the topic. When he is not blogging, Chris produce and distributes replica French provincial beds. Aside from blogging, Chris loves spending time with his family and friends.

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