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Before and After:  Challenging Arched Window Valance

Before and After: Challenging Arched Window Valance

Arched windows, while beautiful, can create a bit of a design challenge when it comes to window treatments.  This project highlights one way decorative treatments can accentuate the architecture of the windows – not cover it up.

sun room before

This beautiful sunroom over looks a golf course and has fantastic views.  However, despite having wood blinds on the lower portions of the windows, the homeowners were having trouble with morning sun streaming through the upper transom area – where the arch is located.  We also wanted to bring some color and English charm to an otherwise very neutral space.

sunroom before

You will also notice that the windows on the side walls are not as tall as the center, arched windows.  There is a fair amount of space between the top window trim and the ceiling.  While I wanted to cover some of the wood blinds at the top of the window, I also wanted to make the windows look taller and more similar to the size of the large windows on the end of the room.  So, this is what we came up with:

sunroom after - main

The arched valance accentuates the arch of the window instead of covering it up or ignoring it altogether.  It covers just enough of the upper transom of the window to keep the sun out of the homeowners’ eyes during breakfast, and adds color and pattern to the room.

sunroom after

You may also notice that by raising the valances slightly on the side windows, we were able to match up the top of the valances with the arched window.  This makes the valances look like they move continuously around the room, and they make the side windows appear tall than they actually are. {And, notice the fun pillow we made out of extra fabric to tie everything together!}

sunroom valance detail

A buttery lining fabric was used for contrast, and brushed brass tieback holders were used to mount the valances above the windows.  This hardware gave us the opportunity to recreate the curve of the arch and give the treatment a soft, traditional look.  The color of the hardware coordinated beautifully with lighting and door hardware throughout this very traditional, English-style home.

If you have a challenging window in your home, think outside the box when looking for different ways to install a decorative window treatment.  Using something for a different purpose than it was intended for is a great way to get a unique look in your home.

Remember:  if you have some great before and after photos to share, visit the Submissions page for details on how to send them in!  I would love to feature your creativity…

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