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Guest Post:  Modern, Natural Or Mooky – What’s Your Living Room Style?

Guest Post: Modern, Natural Or Mooky – What’s Your Living Room Style?

Everyone has a decorating personality.  Whether you prefer traditional design or a modern aesthetic, understanding your design personality will help guide your home decor purchases.  Read on for a peek into a few decorating styles, in this guest post by Loren Thorburn.

I love playing with furniture and styling in my home.  It’s great fun to try new things and get my living space looking unique and a little bit quirky, so as you’ll appreciate, I read my share of home decorating tips.

But at the end of the day, every home and every person is different; we all have different styles and tastes and if you want to personalise your living space it’s a good idea to start by figuring out what your own personal style is.

The rule to remember is that what works for one person’s home won’t necessarily work for another, so let’s look at three common style philosophies. See which style personality fits you. Or maybe you have a whole style of your own?

The Natural Style

This is the style for those who shun bright colours and overpowering contemporary patterns in preference of a more subdued style with natural tones and a more wholesome feel. Not sure if this is the style for you? Here are some typical features of the natural style:

  • Mostly uses natural colours, earthy tones like brown and cream
  • No hard lines in sight; you prize comfort over high style
  • You like your home to look lived-in and you want it to feel welcoming
  • You’d rather have a big soft sofa to sink into than an uncomfortable modern one

If you like this style, it certainly doesn’t mean that you are not adventurous and you can still experiment of course.  But, your over-riding philosophy is creature comforts, and you won’t let “style” get in the way of that. Your home probably feels warm and welcoming.

natural living room
Image Credit: Natural Colours

If you do want to add interest without having to add bright colours or anything distracting you can have a lot of fun by mixing different materials and different patterns and textures.

A Little Bit Mooky

Mooky is a mix of styles, and if you like to mix it up and don’t like to commit to one particular style then this is probably the style for you. Here are some common traits of someone with a mooky style philosophy:

  • They love unique and one-off items and anything quirky
  • They like to mix different styles and experiment to see what works
  • Their living rooms constantly change and evolve as they try new things
  • It doesn’t always work… But that’s half the fun, right?

Being mooky is an art form, and if you are mooky you probably have the most fun trying new ideas and hunting for new items to introduce to your living room.

Eclectic living room

Image Credit:  Hooker Furniture

The best way to make this eclectic style work for you is to just keep an open mind and see what works and what you like. Don’t be afraid to admit defeat and get rid of furniture items that don’t fit, treat your style as an evolving process and you’ll have a lot of fun with it.

The Modern Style

If your style is modern and contemporary then the two options above probably won’t appeal. You would rather have some order and lots of clean lines and well organised furniture. People with a modern style are often minimalist and don’t like too much clutter.

modern living room
Image Credit: Modern Styling

Does this style sound like you?

  • You dislike any clutter and you like things to have their place
  • You appreciate clean lines and a good finish
  • You like clean & tidy but you don’t want to spend all your time cleaning

A modern styled home can look chic and stylish, but they don’t always feel all that homey or inviting, so it’s up to you find the right balance between style and comfort!

Hi, my name is Loren I work at SofaSofa who sell stylish sofas and chairs. My style is Mooky, and I love to mix old with new!

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