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Guest Post:  Reviving Victorian Style in Your 21st Century Home

Guest Post: Reviving Victorian Style in Your 21st Century Home

Victorian style has made a bit of a comeback in home design recently.  While the style is often interpreted in an updated version of the original, its traditional elegance is timeless.  Today’s guest post offers some ideas for bringing a bit of Victorian style into your home – even if it was built in the 21st Century.

Never before have homes been more diverse and interesting from the interior design point of view. Today’s trend in how you decorate your home is creativity – and there are a lot of available options, from an extremely modern, multimedia friendly interior design to one inspired from other cultures (e.g.: Asian) or from other centuries.

For the Brits, the Victorian era is one of reference and pride. Old pictures show the beautifully decorated homes from the 19th century, heavily ornamented, but with a great attention to detail.

If you are a Victorian age fan too, you can bring a little bit of past luxury into your home – working on a few details would be enough just to give to your living environment a smell of another century. You don’t have to live in an old British house in order to do that. You don’t even have to decorate the whole house – one room might be enough. Nevertheless, there are some general elements of the Victorian style that you should consider implementing.


Choosing the right chromatic impression is essential to make visitors feel that they are taking a step back in history when coming over for a cup of tea. Modern, fresh looking colours are completely forbidden for the most traditional look! The Victorian style is characterized by dark colours, especially red, amber and green. These 3 main colour variations should be applied almost everywhere: on the interior and exterior walls, on the furniture, in rugs and trim. For an accurate Victorian painting of your house, you should consider a three shades lighter colour only for the ceiling. Though, a lighter coloured ceiling should certainly not remain blank – ornamentations represent a must-do if you want to be part of the “high-class” Victorian society.

Victorian Dining Room


All kind of patterns: floral drawings, geometric shapes, oriental motifs! This might sound heavy and of bad taste when imagining the outcome. But the surprise is that all these make a home feel comfortable, welcoming, warm…. Well, they make a home feel …like home. Though, if you like minimalism, Victorian style is not for you.

Furniture and accessories

If colour on its own is not enough for your Victorian home and you want even more elements to transform your house into a Victorian one, it might be a good idea to visit a couple of antique shops. The store keeper there might be able to advise you themselves regarding what would be appropriate for your Victorian home. Look for furniture! According to the space you have, you might be interested in the heavy Victorian furniture or just in some lighter elements like chairs and a small table for the living-room. However, you may want to welcome: china, busts, souvenirs, knick-knacks and lace.

Victorian sunroom

Photo courtesy of Anglian Home Improvements

Other ideas

Why not add some more of that feeling to the exterior of your house? Imagine walking through a living garden even when it is cold outside. Imagine picking an orange directly from the tree and savouring it in your Victorian living-room. Our advice for you is to visit the Anglian UK website and find out how you could build a Victorian style conservatory or an orangery attached to your house. And then, may the prosperity of the Victorian era come into your home!

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  2. Charmela Davis says:

    I love vintage home that is modernized. This is why we bought one from NW Calgary mls listings. For me, vintage-style homes are elegant and ageless.

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