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Guest Post: 5 Home Accessories for Spring

Today’s guest post will have you excited to freshen your home for spring!  Bring any or all of these 5 home accessories into your home this spring for a breath of fresh air…

Up here in New England, the snow banks are shrinking, chickadees are chirping and the thermometer is above freezing–must be spring time! After a dark, cold winter, we want to brighten up our living space with sun, fresh air and bright colors. You’ll be surprised how just a few easy tweaks to your decor can transform the ambiance from hum-drum to seasonally sweet. Here are five simple ways to bring the spirit of spring into your own home.

Floral Wreath

Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas! A brightly colored, fragrant halo of spring blooms will add natural beauty and springy charm to your front door or wall. Try crafting your own wreaths from fresh picked blossoms of forsythia, lilacs, pussy willows or lavender, or for a pop of color that will last through the season, opt for silk faux-flowers.

plant stand

Potted Plant Stand

Naturally, springtime means digging out those gardening gloves and potting seedlings of your favorite annuals, but since it still may frost overnight, it’s not yet time to delve into the garden. With a unique plant stand, your spring flowers will be a statement piece within your home, on a patio or on your front steps. A multi-level pot stand will add interest to your already beautiful plants.

Bright Accent Rug

An area rug can define the whole vibe of a room, so it’s time to roll away the drab winter neutrals.  A cheerfully patterned throw with a light color scheme will do wonders to open up the space and make it seem bigger and brighter. Choose floral, shells, nautical or other sunshine evoking patterns for the most welcoming cheer for your buck.

sheer curtain or drape

Light Curtains

Sunshine may be your best defense against the residual winter blues, so let it in! Thick curtains are great for insulation, but once the mercury rises above freezing, replacing your curtains should be your first step towards a happy, springtime home. Airy lace is a perfect for filtering in the rays, but any delicate fabric that will billow in the fresh spring breeze will do.

Dainty Tableware

You’ll feel like you’re at high tea with the queen herself at your sunny, brightly festooned dining table. Delicate patterns like filigree, paisley, flowers or even just garden party-worthy pastels will make every meal feel like a picnic. Pair your place settings with a flowing, light table cloth for extra whimsical style.

dainty dishware

Stan Whitton is a blogger, hiker and interior designer extraordinaire, writing from North Conway, New Hampshire. He considers New England rustic-chic the epitome of enduring style and class and recommends the designs of Sturbridge Yankee Workshops out of Portland, Maine for your country curtains, rustic accessories and artfully crafted furniture. 

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