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Guest Post:  Tips for Creating Space in a Small Home

Guest Post: Tips for Creating Space in a Small Home

Today’s guest post comes to us from interior designer Chris Stanbridge, who shares with us some tips for adding space to a tiny home or apartment.  You don’t need to give up function and beauty simply because your spaces are small.  Read on for some ways to have it all in your small home…

When you have a small apartment, it may be very tricky to create enough space for your belongings. Every time you want to buy something, you have to stop and think whether you have space for it. Fortunately, there are ways in which you can increase space in your home and give it a spacious and decluttered look. Here’s how:

1. Go vertical: When there is a dearth of horizontal space in your home, the only way to create space is to build vertically. Create tall closets and cupboards. You can stack up the things you do not use every day on the top shelves. Use a ladder or a stool to reach these top shelves. Another simple way to utilize these spaces is to put your things in unused pieces of luggage and stack them on the top shelves. Tall cabinets and storage areas also draw the eyes away from small spaces.

Hunter Douglas Silhouette daylighting

Sheer window treatments let in light and make small spaces feel larger, while small-scale furniture leaves extra space in the room.
Photo courtesy Hunter Douglas

2. Choose smaller furniture: That is one compromise you will have to make. Though you may yearn for large and grand furniture, it is best to have useful furniture that is small in size and saves space. A five seat L-shaped couch is better, for instance, than a loveseat and two cushioned chairs. Get a small dining table with stools or benches that can be pushed underneath the table when you are done eating. Furniture with straight, clean lines and edges can give an impression of increased space.

3. Think multipurpose: Multipurpose furniture can be really useful, especially when you have small spaces. Fold out desks, modular bookshelves and seating with storage are some of the commonly used multipurpose furniture. You can also recycle old furniture so that you do not have to compromise on space. For instance, if you remove the railings from the side of an old crib, you have a place to sit in your bedroom or nursery. You can think of your own ways to use furniture uniquely and creatively. The more your furniture can do for you, the less of it you will need. This means you have more open spaces in your home.

monochromatic bath

A monochromatic color scheme can make a small space feel larger.

4. Color me light: Lighter colors in your home give an impression of space. If you have small rooms, color them white, cream, beige or lemon. Even your upholstery and furnishings can be of light color. Using a monochromatic color scheme keeps things flowing from room to room.  This will help spaces look larger than they actually are. To add color and personality to your home, you can use solid colored rugs, multicolored cushions and accessories. If you use color themes in each room of your home, you tend to compartmentalize your home and make it look smaller. You can also use sheer curtains and light drapes to allow natural light to enter your home. This too makes your spaces look larger than they actually are.
Chris is an interior designer with over 20 years experience. Chris is a specialist in French furniture, but has also worked on a variety of interiors and decorating styles. Chris has been blogging for over 4 years and has written numerous posts.

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