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Before and After:  Window Treatments for High Windows

Before and After: Window Treatments for High Windows

If you have really tall windows, you may be at a loss for how to add decorative window treatments to them.  Perhaps these before and after photos will give you some inspiration for your own home.

In this Great Room space, the homeowner wanted to add color and softness without covering up the light or the view.  Since she already had honeycomb shades in place, sun control and privacy were not an issue.  So, we decided to move ahead with finding a fabric for some stationary side panels.

Tall windows before Window Treatments

Adding side panels to any window frames the view.  They bring softness to the window and can actually help reduce the echo in a large space full of hard surfaces.  In this case, straight side panels (as opposed to panels that are tied back to the edge of the window) also serve to accentuate the height of the room.  Running them from the floor nearly to the ceiling adds to this effect.

Tall Windows after

The fabric we chose is a faux silk with flocked scroll design.  The organic nature of the design breaks up some of the straight lines and geometry of the room.  A simple pinch-pleated design, mounted with cocoa-finished wood rods and rings creates a sophisticated, yet simple look.

tall windows side panels

You will notice that we did not run the rods over the entire wall of windows, choosing instead to use shorter rods just where we needed them.  This is a cost-saving measure, since we didn’t install rods that would never be used.  However, it does keep the side panels from looking truly authentic.  Often, even with the installation of stationary panels, we want them to look as though they could be drawn completely across the window.  With short rods, it becomes obvious that these panels are stationary.  You will need to evaluate what look you prefer when choosing your favorite option.

These stationary panels on short rods are another way to treat a bay window, too, instead of using angled rods as I showed you in a previous post.

stationary panel detail

Window treatments truly are the finishing touch in any space.  A little fabric at the window goes a long way to making a room feel complete.


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