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Before and After:  Drapery Panels on a Bay Window

Before and After: Drapery Panels on a Bay Window

While they add architectural interest to a space, bay windows can be difficult when it comes to window treatments.  Their angles create challenges in adding fabric in either a valance or a drapery application.  Following is one way to add fabric and softness to a bay window.

Okay – this is not exactly a true bay window.  In reality, this photo shows several windows installed into some angle walls that mimic the look of a bay window.  But, the problems remain.  How do we add fabric to the window with all these angles?  So many homes today incorporate these “angled bump-outs” and homeowners are left trying to figure out what to do with them.

Victorian dining room before window treatments

This home, while it was built just a few years ago, was designed to have the feeling of a Victorian estate.  A Victorian home simply cannot have naked windows; it simply isn’t proper.

Instead of covering the entire window with fabric, the homeowners wanted to add fabric while preserving their light and their view.  To meet both requirements, we decided to add pinch-pleated drapery panels at the either side of the window, leaving the center open and airy.  We brought the panels around the corner on either side of the window ever so slightly, so the glass seems even wider than it is.  Raising the rod closer to the ceiling helps to accentuate the height of both the room and the windows.

Victorian dining room window drapery

The fabric is meant for decorative purposes only.  However, you will notice that my installer mitered the wood drapery rod to follow the angles of the window.  This helps to create the illusion that the panels could be drawn closed, when in reality there is not enough fabric in each panel to do so.  This also helped to save the homeowner money, since much less fabric was required to create the look.

Victorian dining room panel

The faux silk flocked fabric adds texture and richness to the room, and reinforces both the red stripe and the damask pattern in the wallpaper.

Victorian dining room drapery detail

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