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i-Magine:  See Your Window Treatments in Your Home BEFORE You Buy

i-Magine: See Your Window Treatments in Your Home BEFORE You Buy

New shades or blinds can enhance the look of any room, control the light, keep your furniture from fading and hide a less-than-desirable view.  They can also be an expensive and confusing product to purchase – so many choices!  But, what if you could see what those treatments would look like in your home BEFORE you wrote that check?  At the Hunter Douglas website, you can!

Hunter Douglas is the top window treatment company in the country.  Not only are they the innovators and creators of many of today’s most popular window treatment products, they also produce products of top quality (yes, and their prices match!).  They are certainly an investment in your home, and a purchase you do not make very often.  You want to be very sure that the product you select is one you will be happy with for years to come.

With i-Magine, which was developed by Hunter Douglas, you have the opportunity to see those new shades or blinds on YOUR windows!  First, visit the Hunter Douglas website, and click on the i-Magine logo in the bottom left corner of the page (at least, that’s where it is currently!).  A new window will pop up with the i-Magine program ready to go.

Your first task will be to choose the product you wish to explore.  If you aren’t sure, spend a little time on the main Hunter Douglas site to see what’s available and what you want to see on your windows.  There are TONS of options today, and not everything will work on every window.  For this sample, I selected their most popular product, Silhouette Window Shadings. (It’s also what I would recommend for the client who owns the home in the photo!)

Now you have a choice…do you want to upload your own photo or use one of their sample photos?  While you could use their sample photos to play around and learn how to use the site, I recommend uploading a photo of your own room; this will be the most helpful as you make your window treatment purchase.  For this example, I used a photo of a client’s home, before they moved in; it sure has some great windows and a river view!

Hunter Douglas i-Magine

Next, enter the measurements of the windows you are covering.  These will help ensure the blinds or shades will be rendered in the proper scale for your room.  They don’t have to be exact, so don’t worry!  Use the green square the pops up on the screen to cover the area on the window you would like to cover.  See the photo above for an example.  If you have more than one area to cover, click “create an outline” in the lower left corner of the screen.

Now, click preview to see what the area looks like with the window treatment you selected at the beginning:

Click “next” and you will have the option to change the vane size, color and fabric of your treatments, to see what you like best:

That’s it!  You can upload multiple photos, save them to “My Workbook” on the Hunter Douglas site, share them on Facebook and more!  There is even a way to mask unwanted items in your photo, so you can “see” behind your sofa or other obstacles.

Check out i-Magine.  Even if you do not end up purchasing Hunter Douglas products, this is still a great way to see what type of shade or blind you like best on your windows.  I hope you find this tool to be helpful as you move forward with your projects this year.  Have fun!

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