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Powder Room Perfection:  Creating the Perfect Powder Bath

Powder Room Perfection: Creating the Perfect Powder Bath

Powder baths, often called half baths, are typically very small spaces that are frequently used as the guest bath in a home.  Their jewel-box scale makes them perfect for upgrades, dramatic color and rich design.

To create a show-stopping powder room, you must choose a unique vanity.  The vanity is the focal point of any bathroom, and the powder room is no different.  Repurposing a dresser or table as a one-of-a-kind vanity has been trendy during the past several years.  However, if you don’t have the time or skills to make over a garage sale find, you will also find options at your local furniture store.

Pieces like this vanity available on the Bellacor website is the perfect size for a powder room.  Its walnut details and marble countertop bring richness to the room, while the all-in-one package (which includes the base cabinet, sink and countertop) makes shopping a breeze.  Some options even include the faucet, making the selection process nearly painless.

vanity cabinet

Color is very important in a small space, since you have very little room to make a big impact.  Don’t be afraid to use a dark or bright color in a small room – even in a windowless space.  Consider the use of the powder bath; without a shower or tub, this small room is not used for detailed and focused activities such as shaving or the application of make-up in the morning.  Rather, it is used by guests and homeowners alike for quick stops throughout the day.

Since heavily-focused use isn’t the goal of a powder room, you have even more design options; lighting can be dim, textures heavier and colors dramatic, despite the room’s small footprint.   Consider navy blue or pewter gray walls for on-trend options or terra cotta or antique gold for bold color schemes.

powder room design

A small space is also more affordable to upgrade.  Stone tiles, wood wainscoting, and sparkly chandeliers are all affordable options when the room is so small.  Less space to cover always translates to fewer dollars spent on materials.

Choose a mirror with a gorgeous frame, some fluffy towels in an accent color and a few dazzling accessories for the finishing touch.

Upgrade your powder room today to dazzle your guests.  It may just become the most talked-about room in your home.

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