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Non-Fabric, Non-Traditional Window Treatments

Non-Fabric, Non-Traditional Window Treatments

While cornices, valances and drapery panels are the most common types of window treatments, they aren’t your only options.  Sometimes, something a bit non-traditional may be just the thing that makes your room unique.

While fabric window treatments serve to soften a room, pull the colors together and accent the windows, sometimes fabric isn’t the right choice.  If you or your family members suffer from allergies, for example, a hard window treatment may be a better choice for you.  And, sometimes there simply isn’t room for a large fabric treatment.  Check out some of these non-traditional window treatments for inspiration:

Tableaux Faux Wrought Iron is a lightweight product that can be installed in both windows and doors (among other applications) to dress up your room without adding fabric.  With tons of styles and colors available, this product can work in almost any home:

faux iron bathroom

Photo courtesy FauxIron.com


This same iron look can be used to add pizzazz above a window or door, as you can see in this photo courtesy of Kimba at A Soft Place:

iron above window

Photo courtesy ASoftPlace.net

Vinyl letters or images can also dress up a window without the use of fabric.  Check out this simple quote above a kitchen window, courtesy of Uppercase Living.  A geometric stencil  from a company like Cutting Edge Stencils could also be a great way to dress things up without fabric!


quote above window

Photo courtesy UppercaseLiving.com

Or, maybe a collection of plates is more your style, like this example from Karen at Garden, Home & Party:

plates above window

Photo courtesy GardenHomeandParty.com

You’ll notice with the above several examples of items that are hung above windows or doors instead of on them, that this can be a great way to deal with difficult windows or doors that open.  Fabric window treatments can sometimes get in the way of doors that swing open, and they can also cover too much glass on bay or smaller windows.  Consider using the space ABOVE these doors and windows to add style without adding frustration to your day.  I especially love this example – probably because I designed the room(!) – using an old spear.  An old fishing pole, a piece of birch branch, or an oar could also work.  Use your imagination and think about things that mean something to your family as options for non-traditional window treatments.

spear above window

Photo courtesy T Larsen Design and Landsted Companies


If privacy IS an issue, and you would like to cover your window a bit, think about hanging something in front of the window instead of on it.  How about an old stained glass window, as seen in this photo from Antique ART Garden:


stained glass hung in front of window

Photo courtesy Antique ART Garden

Decorative window film, like this from Artscape, allow you privacy and even a bit of light control without using fabric:

window film decorative

Photo courtesy Amazon.com

Window treatments don’t have to involve fabric.  Think outside the box and look around your home for things that could dress up your windows.  You never know where inspiration will present itself.  By going a bit non-traditional with your window treatments, you can create a truly meaningful, one-of-a-kind space for you and your family.

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  1. This post really had some good ideas. I especially like the idea of etched glass for a bathroom. Thanks for featuring our kitchen bay window.

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