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Guest Post:  6 Ways to Tame Closet Chaos

Guest Post: 6 Ways to Tame Closet Chaos

Closets can be a challenge.  Just when you think you’ve conquered the clutter, more seems to accumulate!  Follow the 6 simple tips in this article to help stay on top of your closet chaos.

Many people despair of their closets. They are so overcrowded, so messy, so unorganized that it seems that nothing can be done about them. On top of this, the chaos makes it difficult to find whatever it is that’s being looked for in a reasonable amount of time. In order to combat this problem, here are six things you should start doing to keep your closet organized:

Out With the Old

Remove everything you don’t use or wear on a regular basis. These items need to be put in storage, put in the attic, given away or sold.

Coats on the Coat Rack!

Put coats on a coat rack in the entry hall or in a coat closet in the entry hall. As they tend to be bulky, coats take up too much space in a bedroom closet.

closet organization

Photo courtesy artur84 on freedigitalphotos.net

Mind the Hangers

Whenever an item of clothing is taken off a hanger, the hanger should be placed in the middle of the rod. This makes the empty hangers easy to find.

New Use For Old Paper Towel Rolls

To prevent creasing of table linens, place a rod underneath a low closet shelf, then hang the linens on padded paper towel tubes. Some people actually install rollers in the closet to make sure their linens don’t crease. Also, install linens by sets and not by size or type. That is, instead of storing all the flat sheets, the fitted sheets and the pillowcases together, store them in the sets they came in. This makes it easier when it comes time to changing the bed linens.

Lots of Boxes!

Place storage boxes in the space at the bottom of the closet. This space is usually wasted, and if it’s not wasted it’s usually messy with tossed in shoes, sports equipment or whatever else can’t be properly hung up or put on the shelves. These boxes can be made from the drawers of old chests and bureaus. Adding hinged tops will keep out dust. Also, items can be stored in bins or wire baskets on the closet shelves.

closet organizing

Photo courtesy Container Store

Hooks and Racks

Attach hooks, towel racks or shoe bags to the closet walls or the closet doors to store miscellaneous items that don’t quite belong anywhere else, including those bags, belts and scarves.  Also, if there are young children in the home, put rods within their reach and store out of season clothes in the upper shelves. To help teach children about tidiness, use colorful plastic storage bins and tape pictures to the bins to let the child know what’s supposed to go in them.

Kandace Heller is a freelance writer from Orlando, Florida. When she’s not busy writing, she enjoys reading and going to the beach.  For those looking for fashion pieces to add to their closet once it’s organized, Kandace suggests visiting Reem Clothing.

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