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Guest Post:  Creative Storage Solutions

Guest Post: Creative Storage Solutions

Today’s guest post is from Arcadian Lighting.  Check out some creative ways to add storage to your home…


Hello, everyone!  My name is Lindsey and I’m a writer for Arcadian Lighting, a website that provides wonderful lighting options for any home. I get to look at gorgeous things all day long and write about them. I love interior design, home furnishings, lighting, and art. I found A Little Design Help recently, and I’ve been hooked ever since.


Not everyone is blessed with the perfect home or loft apartment with the exact number of cabinets, cupboards and drawers they need to store away life’s necessities and toys. Storage is a pain for most people precisely because of this reason, so there’s a real need to be creative when it comes to your storage solutions.

Some popular ideas I’ve seen recently include installing under cabinet lights in bookcases or pantries for better visibility, creating a room divider that’s also a bookshelf, or even investing in stackable chairs and other home decor accessories.  Following are a few other creative storage solutions I’ve found:

Creative Storage

If you have an open plan kitchen, or too few shelves, one creative storage solution is to use an open bookshelf for more space, such as the the one in the photo above from Elle Decor. While this is obviously a much cheaper option than installing new shelving, you have to admit that a storage solution like this seems almost preferable to traditional kitchen shelving.

Creative Storage

How’s this for creative? It’s the Aakkoset by Kayiwa — a room divider that doubles as shelving and a bookcase. Room dividers with bookshelves are ideal for open-plan lofts or studios where you want to create the feeling of a separate space while also providing some storage.

Creative Storage

Many people lack the space for a home office, opting to work from the comfort of their couch or kitchen table. But, empty out that large closet in your living room, et voila! You have a private home office, like the one above from The Office Stylist.  Save desk space by installing a couple of wall sconces, because you’ll need the extra light in such a tight space.

Creative Storage

Don’t know what to do with that extra pile of books or that unusable fireplace? Kill two birds with one stone as this designer did (as seen on Apartment Therapy) and stack your books in the fireplace. You could also install some mini wood shelves and stack your books for a neat look that’s also chic!

Creative Storage

Here’s another wonderfully creative storage solution from Southern Living. The designer created an additional niche for storage and display space by carving out spaces from an existing wall. Then she installed a wooden box frame to fit within this cutout. Install wall lights or accent lamps in the niche for some additional lighting, if necessary. It’s not the easiest way to create space, but it’s definitely unique. Would you try something this bold in your home?

Storage can definitely be a challenge for everyone. As you’ve seen from these homes, any issue with storage or lack of space can be solved with creativity, a hammer and some nails!

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