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Postage Stamp Art

Postage Stamp Art

I have a crafty project in mind for my own home, using old postage stamps I’ve collected over the years. (I’ll post pics when I finally get around to finishing it!).  The project inspired a quick search to see what other creative people have done with their postage stamp collections.  You won’t believe what I found!

This is a simple way to create affordable and colorful artwork for any wall.  You can sort and lay out your stamps any way you wish – there is really no right or wrong here.  Easy enough for anyone to accomplish:

Postage Stamp Collage


I thought these were very inventive.  Instead of leaving the postage stamps whole, these sisters from upstate New York cut out the various images and rearrange them to create new works of art:

Postage Stamp Art


And, my very favorite postage stamp art is the work of Molly Rausch of New York.  She uses the image on the postage stamp as a starting point, then creates an entire scene around that image.  The stamp blends almost seamlessly into the background scene she creates in her tiny paintings!  They are amazing, and I would love to have an entire collection of them:

Postage Stamp Painting


While you may not have the artistic ability to create these types of works yourself (well, with the exception of the first project in this post), have no fear.  The artists behind the collages and paintings are happy to sell their work, and welcome custom inquiries, as well.  Who knew that a tiny postage stamp could be the catalyst behind some truly creative new artwork?  Maybe I’d better expand my stamp collection….

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