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Kitchen in a Box

Kitchen in a Box

I found an innovative product recently that I want to share with you.  In our world of super-sized homes and gourmet kitchens, we often forget that at its core, a kitchen is all about cooking.  In reality, the elements of a fully-stocked kitchen are few, and this company shows that you can actually package those elements in a very small, attractive and efficient package.

YesterTec Design Company, located in Pennsylvania, (yes, another of those Made in America products!) creates a product modeled after the kitchens often found in European countries.  While they all contain the same basic elements – a sink, refrigeration and cooking appliances – European and American kitchens are often quite different from one another.  In the United States, kitchens are large, open spaces used for entertaining and family living.  In Europe, where many of the buildings are older than our entire nation, kitchens are often much smaller enclosed rooms that contain smaller appliances.  In some areas of Europe, folks take their kitchens with them when they move!

YesterTec Kitchen Armoire Closed

Take a peek at this:  a complete kitchen in an armoire!  (The closed piece is pictured above and the open armoire is shown below).  This product is completely self contained, allowing you to hide everything behind closed doors.  This one contains a microwave/convection oven, sink, cooktop, dishwasher drawer, refrigerator and storage – everything you need to cook a meal and clean up the mess.

YesterTec Kitchen Armoire Open

Obviously, this particular product isn’t going to replace your main kitchen; it just doesn’t have the capacity for storage and function that a family would need.  However, think about how well this would work in those areas we often install auxiliary kitchens – wet bars, game rooms, family rooms, in-law/nanny apartments, guest houses, pool houses and more!  How great to have an entire kitchen – complete with cooktop and dishwasher – in the middle of your family room, while having the option to move it in the future, take it with you when you move, move it into a different location and keep the entire mess behind closed doors when it’s not in use.  The armoire also keeps appliances out of the reach of tiny fingers, keeping your little ones safe.  And, of course, at a lower price than installing custom cabinetry and buying appliances.

YesterTec Kitchen

What do you think?  Would you use this type of kitchen somewhere in your home?  Where?

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