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Guest Post:  A Helpful Guide To Choosing The Right Material For Your New Kitchen Cabinetry

Guest Post: A Helpful Guide To Choosing The Right Material For Your New Kitchen Cabinetry

Today’s guest post comes to us from Felix Marsh of George Robinson Kitchens in the UK.  Before you buy new cabinetry for your kitchen, check out his list of kitchen cabinet materials and their pros and cons.

There are so many decisions to make whilst planning and designing a new kitchen for your home and the material you opt to use for your cabinetry will have a huge impact on the look and feel of the finished space.

Five different materials you could use for your kitchen cabinets are traditional solid wood, particleboard, stainless steel, polymer or concrete.

So let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of each of these options…

Kohler modern kitchen

Photo courtesy Kohler



  • Cost

The cost of a solid wood kitchen depends very much on the type of wood used. Pine is generally the cheapest option, whilst the more unusual hardwoods are more expensive. Often the most cost-effective option is to use locally sourced wood.

  • Quality and Durability

Wood has always been the traditional choice due to its versatility and strength.  A well constructed solid wood kitchen will last for many years and show great resistance to the usual wear and tear and humidity you would expect in any kitchen. A quality bespoke solid wooden kitchen should last for many years.

  • Special Features

This sustainable material is very straightforward to repair or alter over time if necessary, which means that you can easily change the whole look of the kitchen without any great expense in the future, by having it painted, repainted or stripped to change its appearance or colour.



  • Cost

Particleboard is by far the cheapest option for a kitchen and the material used in the construction of mass produced kitchen cabinets. Its affordability has made this material the number one choice for kitchens since its introduction in the 1950’s.

  • Quality and Durability

The quality of this material varies according to the quality of the chemicals and resins used to produce the panels as well as the quality of the protective finish. This material does not usually offer the best in terms of quality and durability and when damaged, it can be extremely difficult to repair.

  • Special Features

Particleboard offers no particular special features other than its incredibly low cost!

solid wood kitchen cabinetry


  • Cost

Stainless steel is the primary material used in commercial kitchens and is relatively expensive, costing more than the majority of solid wood alternatives.

  • Quality and Durability

This quality non- porous material is hygienic, easily maintained and incredibly durable. Some people are put off by the way it wears as over time (scratches will appear all over the surface) whilst others prefer it this way. This material resists moisture and humidity and will not ever rust or warp.

  • Special Features

This great quality material offers a stylish, contemporary looking alternative and is becoming increasingly popular with homeowners who are attracted to its cool silver tone.



  • Cost

This high gloss, high-density plastic material is a relatively new product in homes and is therefore the most expensive option of the five. It was originally developed for marine use and can be used inside the house or for an outdoor kitchen as it is 100% water resistant!

  • Quality and Durability

This material is practically bullet proof, as it is able to withstand heat, snow, UV rays and most chemicals. This material may be expensive but it will not swell crack or chip and many manufacturers of the product offer a lifetime guarantee!

  • Special Features

Outstanding quality and durability and the opportunity to own a kitchen with a completely unique appearance are this materials key features.


modern kitchen

Photo courtesy George Robinson Kitchens


  • Cost

This material is an unusual choice for your kitchen carcasses and is more commonly seen in the form of a polished kitchen worktop; however, there are a small number of companies offering this product as an alternative choice to the more traditional cabinets.

  • Quality and Durability

Some companies offer a concrete block product with a smooth stucco finish whilst others offer an invincible reinforced concrete option with the same finish for added durability. As a material, concrete is obviously incredibly strong and resistant to water, humidity and the effects of general wear and tear.

  • Special Features

A concrete kitchen is ideal for use in a contemporary, industrial kitchen design, but the obvious downside of this material could be its robust permanence as it would be a huge job to remove if the need ever arose!


Which is the right material for your kitchen?

The right material for your kitchen depends entirely on your personal criteria, personal taste and of course your budget, so there is no clear answer to this question. Clearly however, the solid wood and particleboard kitchens we have grown so accustomed to seeing in our homes are not the only materials to consider.

Kitchens are the central hub of our homes and a popular space to gather and entertain, so it makes sense to create a unique space that not only functions in a way that meets the needs of your family, but a room with a stylish appearance that reflects your personality too!


Felix Marsh is a member of the team at George Robinson Kitchens. They are a UK based company who have been involved in the design and production of Kitchen Furniture for over 20 years. George Robinson Kitchens are the natural choice in helping you plan and create your beautiful and functional Living Environment.

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  1. Great tips on kitchen designing. This would be of some serious help to those who are confused about how to get their kitchen renovation done!

  2. Denny Disuza says:

    kitchen is the best part of any house and any women spend that place more time, so make your kitchen most fabulous place by using Granite Worktops

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