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Guest Post:  Tips For Creating a Kitchen With Rustic Flair

Guest Post: Tips For Creating a Kitchen With Rustic Flair

Today’s guest post offers ideas for creating a rustic kitchen in your home.  Whether you hope to achieve a country look or wish to add a rustic accent to your modern home, these ideas will help you do just that.

As you design the interior of your home, you are often greatly influenced by the architectural design of your home. A country home, or one located in a wooded area, looks perfect when designed with a rustic motif. This type of design combines aged materials with colors reminiscent of autumn. Here are some suggestions to help you create the rustic kitchen of your dreams:

Rustic Luxury Kitchen

Photo and Construction by Landsted

Rustic Wood Choices:  Pine is the wood frequently chosen to represent the charisma of a rustic kitchen.  Other woods, such as hickory, will also work nicely.  Pine flooring ranges in colors from dark brown to orange. This wood is a great choice to use when designing contemporary kitchen cabinets, countertops and kitchen islands. Don’t be afraid of knots in the wood. Knots and other natural characteristics give the pine its rustic charm.

Exposed Beams: This design element can be added to your kitchen for a minimal cost. Prefabricated artificial beams will do just fine if you don’t have existing beams. Visually, they look identical to the real thing, but are not created to bear weight. Most are hollow and install easily for added convenience. Help protect the environment and purchase beams made from reclaimed wood.

Rustic home decor

Photo and Construction by Landsted

Natural Lighting: Aim to have as much natural light flowing to your kitchen as possible. Rustic design is linked to nature, and light is the key to a kitchen with this type of flair. A good tip is to go with lots of oversized or bay windows. Lighting fixtures can be made from variety from materials such as driftwood or even antlers (you can go faux here too).

Rustic Color Palette: Rustic colors that come to mind are traditionally browns, yellows, and oranges—the colors of autumn. Greens and blues also make great choices when paired with rustic wood. The trick to picking the best color for your kitchen is to choose one that exudes a happy and warm feeling. For inspiration, use natural colors like those of rocks, clay, and sand.

rustic kitchen

Construction by Landsted

Furnishings: The most important part of your rustic kitchen design lies in the furniture you place in the room. Modern wood tables or log furniture will allow you to round out the rustic theme. Another popular choice among fans of rustic design is furniture made from barn wood. No matter what you choose, your dining table must be simple, strong and solid. Dings and dents give the knotty wood some additional charm.

Appliances: Believe it or not, the integration of stainless steel appliances into your rustic kitchen is doable. Surround these modern appliances with charming cabinetry and countertops for balance in your rustic kitchen. The juxtaposition of rustic wood and stainless steel is a beautiful and growing design trend. Choose a refrigerator that is brand new, but looks like it is from the mid-1900s. When looking to buy, seek a manufacture that creates retro appliances to fit in well with your design.

Kohler Apron sink

Apron Sink by Kohler

Sinks: A farmhouse sink in your kitchen is an amazing choice to complete the rustic look. These sinks are a top choice for all kitchen styles. They are most often composed of materials likegranite, iron and copper. These sinks tend to be larger than most—accommodating all of the cooking and cleaning-up needs of your rustic kitchen.


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Sam Robins is an avid guest blogger for design sites, having acquired a vast wealth of knowledge on the art of design while working in the industry for over 20 years. 

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