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Great Furniture Find In Tennessee

Great Furniture Find In Tennessee

If you have the great fortune to live in or near Franklin, TN, you probably already know about Rooster Tails.  I’ve been there a couple of times during my trips to the area, and this quirky shop never fails to reveal something great inside.

Rooster Tails table

The folks at Rooster Tails make their solid, farm-style furniture on site.  You can buy everything from tables and benches to cabinets of all kinds – in dozens of colors.  Prices are so reasonable that I just can’t stand the fact that they don’t deliver to Wisconsin.  Maybe I should work on that.

Rooster Tails Island

You may also find all types of odds and ends including old arrowheads found in the area, Presidential campaign buttons, art prints, antiques, old windows (at sinfully low prices!) and more.  It’s a fun stop along the way to or from Franklin.  If you are ever in the area, be sure to stop by!

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