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Before and After:  Patio Door Drapery Solution

Before and After: Patio Door Drapery Solution

Patio doors are notoriously difficult when it comes to window treatments – especially sliding patio doors.  Swinging French doors allow you to install curtain panels, blinds or shades directly to the door, but sliding doors don’t work that way.  Instead, often times we are left to live with sad-looking vertical blinds.  Verticals, however, are NOT your only solution for sliding patio doors.

In order to soften the window and add warmth and pattern to the room, my client wanted to explore the use of a full, traversing drapery on her patio door instead of vertical blinds or vertical honeycomb shades.  She needed the utility of sun control (her family was hit in the eyes by the sun everyday while sitting at the breakfast table), but wanted something beautiful in her main living space.  (Great play house in the back yard!)

Patio door before pic

After she tried some ready-made drapery panels that didn’t fit quite right, we had these beauties made from a lovely plaid fabric.  The fabric fits the rustic decor, while adding a touch of refined sophistication to the space.  It also blends together all the colors of her kitchen and living room.

Patio Door After pic

With a decorative traversing rod, the drapery is easy to move out of the way when it isn’t needed, and easy to close when the sun is in the way.  We made the drapery slightly wider than the patio door, so that when it is opened fully very little of the door is covered by fabric.  This maximizes both her light and her view, which is what she prefers at most times of day.  Also, notice that we made the panels taller than the patio door, to accentuate the ceiling height, instead of squishing everything down on the door trim (yes, “squishing” is a professional design term!)

patio door drapery

Remember, vertical blinds aren’t your only option when it comes to sliding patio doors.  A simple drapery offers elegance and warmth in a way that no blind or shade can match.

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  1. Kathie Karsnia says:

    You nailed it! Most clients think of vertical blinds… which are noisy, ugly and dated. This is the perfect way to address sun, heat, privacy while creating a custom designed and finished look!

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