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Before & After:  Billiard Room

Before & After: Billiard Room

Paint is a wonderful, inexpensive way to change the look and feel of a space.  But, unfortunately, it can’t do everything.  In today’s before and after photos, we take a look at a billiard room that needed a little more style.

The owners of this home have created a fabulous entertaining space in the lower level of their home – including this billiard room.  They wanted to create a warm, rich space, similar to the feel of an English pub so, they added a deep brown to the walls.  While the color is lovely, it still lacked the richness they were looking for.

Billiard Room before

Enter Plan B.  They lived with the brown paint for several years, and then enlisted my advice on how to upgrade the room.  The addition of wood panels, custom made for the space, added richness that paint simply couldn’t match in this case.  We added crown molding at the ceiling line, and replaced the base trim and window casings.  Nothing else in the room was changed – the ceiling is the same, the lighting is the same and the carpet is the same.  (Actually, the homeowner is considering the addition of tin ceiling tiles to upgrade the look even further – a very nice idea, I think!).  What a difference a little wood can make!  Even though the decorating isn’t complete yet, the wood panels make a huge difference and help to convey the look the homeowners wanted in the room.

Billiard room after

Paint is a wonderful option in many cases – it’s one of my very favorite ways to quickly change up a room on a budget!  But, it cannot do everything.  If you have a room that needs an upgrade, consider the way using a different wall treatment will make a huge style statement.

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