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Ornament Vases:  Repurposed Holiday Decor

Ornament Vases: Repurposed Holiday Decor

I just came across a fun idea for making something new from Christmas ornaments. Since I’m currently in Christmas-decorating mode at our house, I thought I’d share this inspired idea with you…

These little vases would be so cute used as place cards for your holiday dinner or lined up on a window sill.  They could be filled with water and stuffed with real flowers or used dry with faux or dried florals.  You could even use them as a photo holder by inserting a wire in the vase!

I found two different ideas for keeping the ornaments in place; they are round, after all.  This one, featured on the By Number 19 blog,uses a hand-crocheted “stand” to keep the ornament from rolling around:

Ornament vase

Photo courtesy By Number 19

For those less-crafty folks out there, Better Homes & Gardens website featured this ornament vase idea.  Here, they simply glued the ornament to a small round mirror to stabilize it:

Ornament vase

Photo courtesy Better Homes & Gardens


I just love this idea!  I have some vintage glass ornaments that could be featured in this way.  And, every time I visit local stores during the holiday season, I love looking at the new ornaments in all the fun, new holiday colors each year.  This would be a great way to add some trendy fun to my holiday decor.  Depending on the colors, I could see these little bud vases making an appearance at my Easter table, too.

What do you think?

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