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Guest Post:  How Your Home Can Save You Money This Winter

Guest Post: How Your Home Can Save You Money This Winter

Today’s guest post is brought to us by Liam Ohm.  Read on for some tips on how you can use the features of your home to save money during the winter months – something we could all use!

There are many ways in which your home can save you money during the Winter. The most important thing to focus on when making these savings is being able to break down your property into areas where you can make simple changes in order to cut costs. These changes can range from new insulation, through to keeping a closer eye on how you can save water and make renovations that will add value to your home and reduce your bills. With these factors in mind, your home can save you money this Winter through some of the following approaches:

Insulating Windows

Checking and fixing windows before it gets really cold can prevent heat from being unnecessarily lost during the Winter months. Making an investment now in double glazing and fixing any leaks will add up to savings in the future, an approach that also works well for dealing with roofs and attics.

Delta H2OKinetic Shower Head

Photo courtesy Delta

Saving Water

Having a water meter installed in your home is ideal if you want to get a more precise reading of your usage, rather than an average. You can also reduce your bills by using low flow faucets and shower heads, while recycling greywater from showers and baths for the garden.

Cut Down on Your Heating

If you tend to over-use your central heating in the Winter, try to start new habits where you lower the boiler temperature by a few degrees, and by avoid running your heating on constant. Similarly, switch off radiators in rooms you aren’t using, and wear extra layers of clothing when you can.

Installing a Wet Room

As a long term investment in your home’s value, wet rooms from companies such as On The Level can be a great way to save costs in the Winter. A waterproofed room where water runs into a single drain via a sloped floor, wet rooms add value to your property, use less water, and trap more heat than a conventional bathroom.

On the Level Wet Room

Photo courtesy On The Level

Take Your Own Meter Readings

Never rely on predictions or averages for your electricity and gas during the Winter. Always take regular readings from your meters, and use them to challenge estimates made by your providers.

Check Your Electrical Wiring

Poorly maintained wiring can be a real problem when it comes to insulation and electrical efficiency, and should be regularly checked to ensure that small issues aren’t getting worse.

Organize a Pre-Christmas Clear-out

OK, so you may have other things on your mind during Christmas. However, if you have the time, and especially if you’re expecting people to stay, you can clear out attics and basements of old items. You can even raise some holiday cash by selling items online, and by recycling old electrical equipment and mobile phones.

Duette shade

Photo courtesy Hunter Douglas

Invest in New Blinds

A good set of blinds can more efficiently trap heat and prevent cold from getting into rooms, and are often a more flexible year-round option than heavy curtains.

Avoid Using a Fireplace

A fireplace may seem like an ideal luxury during the Winter, but can negatively affect your bills by sucking heat out of a house when being used.

Deal with Ice Straight Away

If you are getting a lot of ice on your driveway and patio, try to deal with it before the weather warms up, otherwise you may end up with cracks. Concrete sealant can be used on surfaces, but be careful about using de-icer on ceramics and other materials where it might cause damage.

Author Bio: Liam Ohm is a home improvement blogger with a passion for all things DIY.

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