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Guest Post:  Ideas For an Unused Attic or Loft Space

Guest Post: Ideas For an Unused Attic or Loft Space

Today’s guest post comes to us from Jane Wooley.  She offers several options for that unused attic or loft space in your home; why let it go unused when you can create a usable, efficient living space in your home?  Sometimes, simply adding dormers or skylights turns a dingy attic into something light, bright and useful.  Read on for some ideas for your own home…

Anyone who has unused roof space in their home may have thought at one time or another that they really should get on and look at the available options in terms of conversions. There are a number of popular options, and the good news is that you don’t have to spend a large amount of money in order to get a fair chunk of usable space.

Econoloft UK attic loft bedroom

Photos courtesy of Econoloft UK


Guest bedroom

The construction of a guest bedroom in unused loft space is one of the most popular options when it comes to conversions. Putting people up in your lounge is never great, even if you have a sofa bed, and having a spare room to offer friends and family members is always going to be the preferable option.

Main bedroom with en-suite

Another extremely popular choice is for the owners of a house to leave what might be a fairly small master bedroom and move into a loft conversion that has an en-suite bathroom attached. The benefits of an en-suite are obvious, but you never truly appreciate them until you have experienced them on a day-to-day basis. Once you’ve enjoyed having a bathroom just a few feet away from your bed, you certainly won’t be keen to go back to traipsing across the landing first thing in the morning.

Econoloft Bath


If you work from home then having a study is pretty much a necessity. One of the most important things when your place of work is the same as the place you’re living in is making sure that there is some form of distinction. It’s all too easy to never switch off and essentially always feel like you’re at work, and that can be extremely bad for your health. Having a dedicated study that has been designed to your specifications can allow you to focus on work in the best possible environment and then relax in the main part of your house without always feeling like you’re still at the office.

attic loft conversion


Cinema or Media room

A somewhat unusual choice for a loft conversion, but actually very popular with film fans. If you’re into movies, why not have a space where you can set up your own small theatre and screen all your favourite hits and new releases in comfort and style. The great thing about a loft conversion is that you’re free to design things the way you want from the start – remembering that you might be constrained in some aspects by planning regulations and budget. But, essentially you have a blank canvas that with a little thought and effort could soon become your favourite room in the house.


If you don’t feel you need a playroom for yourself, then what about one for the children? Say goodbye to having toys all over the lounge and Legos stuck in the dishwasher. If your youngsters have a dedicated space that they can play in, they’ll be able to make a mess without destroying the feng shui in the rest of your home!

Empty attic and loft spaces have many possibilities becoming a useful part of your home.  Take a fresh look at your attic and imagine what you could do!

This guest blog was contributed by Jane Wooley a freelance blogger who often writes about interior design, including how to successfully plan your loft conversion.

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2 Responses to Guest Post: Ideas For an Unused Attic or Loft Space

  1. Charlie says:

    Some great suggestions. Its always down to available loft space in the end. Small lofts tend to end up being either a bedroom or spare bathroom. Those lucky enough to have large lofts can get two rooms out of them.

  2. Luke says:

    I agree with the points Charlie made above, I always recommend adding an en-suite bathroom as this can improve the value of the home if you’re looking to resell.

    Great post Jane!

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