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Guest Post:  From Beast to Beauty – 5 Kitchen Makeovers

Guest Post: From Beast to Beauty – 5 Kitchen Makeovers

Everyone loves a good before/after photo from a remodeling project.  Sometimes, the transformations are simply unbelievable.  Good design has that effect on a home.  Read on to see 5 amazing kitchen makeovers, provided by the folks at Cliq Studios…

Cliq Studios is a leading online cabinetry retailer: reliable, affordable, and impressively qualified— ready and eager to fulfill all your DIY and home improvement needs. Below are five exciting home makeovers, all courtesy of Cliq Studios and their talented designers.

Ranch House Woes
kitchen before remodel

Frank had a problem. His ranch-style house featured a dull, dingy kitchen that lacked any definition or character. Cliq Studios had a solution: a masterful makeover, planned with the consultation of one of Cliq Studio’s many talented designers. Once completed, Frank placed his order online, and the products were delivered straight to his door within a timely manner. Now Frank’s kitchen is lively, livable, and full of character. Stunning contrast and light, airy colors make for a comfortable and soothing look.

kitchen after remodel

The Blighted Bungalow

kitchen before remodel

Jennifer’s bungalow was a mess. Faded neon turquoise cabinetry and paneling screamed its incessant, gaudy “look at me!” from every nook and cranny. Thanks to Cliq Studios, Jennifer’s bungalow underwent a complete— and glorious –transformation. Crisp black and clean, smooth wood replaced the flaking whirlwind of age and wear. Her kitchen has transcended from gawky to full-blown chic!

kitchen after remodel

The Quartzite Masterpiece

kitchen before remodel

Lisa’s kitchen wasn’t particularly atrocious, but it lacked that inviting je ne sais quoi. Golden oak clashed with blacks, reds, and lackluster countertops, resulting in an atmosphere that left much wanting. After her consultation with a Cliq designer, and the installation of her new cabinetry, the difference is astounding. The countertops shine. The two different cabinet colors give a sense of balance and perspective. The quartzite tile and under-counter lighting really finish the look, tying the entire kitchen together.

kitchen after makeover

Spanish Paradise

Kitchen before remodel


Stephen’s kitchen had something approaching a haggard, piecemeal style. The materials were of relatively shoddy construction; they were cheap, and they looked it. His new cabinetry has his kitchen looking classy, refined, and decidedly authentic. Needless to say, it’s a far better match to the style of his old Spanish home.

Kitchen after remodel

Zesty Pop

kitchen before makeover

Mark’s kitchen went from cramped, crowded, and outdated to new, fresh, and artistic. This remodel represents a stunning use of color pop, accent lighting, and detailed space management. And, of course, sleek, beautiful, and affordable cabinetry.

kitchen after makeover

Cliq Studios is a simple and affordable source for all your home cabinetry needs. They provide a quality product at an affordable price, and a premium selection of content— all of which can be accessed from the comfort of your home. In addition, they provide access to designers with a keen eye and clever ingenuity, well-prepared to help you plot out the course of your next remodel.

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