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Guest Post:  Consider Natural Bedding For Comfort and Luxury

Guest Post: Consider Natural Bedding For Comfort and Luxury

Today’s guest post comes to us from Dana with Cozyearth, who examines the benefits of choosing natural and organic bedding for your luxury bedroom.  If you’ve never heard of bamboo or silk bedding, read on to find out why you may want to consider them for your own bedroom…

Whether it is food, clothing, bedding or other lifestyle products, the current trend espoused by society is the use of organic or eco-friendly products in day-to-day life. The reason behind this shift is the desire for better health, better quality and better environment. ‘Organic’ or ‘natural’ items are manufactured using earth-friendly raw material without the use of chemicals or dyes.

Like an active and a healthy day, a good and comfortable night’s sleep is equally important for a productive day ahead. So, why not adopt the culture of sustainable living at night also? What can be better than replacing your regular bedding items with a natural comforter and organic bamboo bedding? A natural comforter will not only offer you the most luxurious, but also the healthiest siesta. Organic bedding is appropriate for all your family members, as these are made using eco-friendly means and do not contain harmful chemical or dyes, making them apposite to be used even by children.

organic bedding

Time for a change

You might have been using those cotton or polyester fabric comforters and may be satisfied with the same. But, now it’s time for a better and healthier experience! Natural bamboo and silk comforters are simply a luxury treat that one must relish. More than luxury, these comforters are the healthiest choice for you and your family. The special hypoallergenic and temperature-regulating qualities of bamboo and silk bedding make them unique. Natural comforters drape your body well at night, giving you a cozy, soft and comfortable sleep. The suppleness of the outer fabric beats the softness of the finest Egyptian cottons. Moreover, organic comforters are resistant to microbes, molds and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), keeping you protected from allergies.

Natural comforter to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer

Organic comforters have exceptional moisture-wicking qualities, keeping you cozy and comfortable throughout the night. The natural bamboo fabric controls humidity and regulates your body temperature, keeping you from getting too hot or too cold. Moreover, it is perfect for you if you suffer from symptoms of hot flashes and night sweats. Two individuals may have different sleep temperatures, but bamboo comforters will aid both you and your partner in enjoying the same bedding.

A good night’s sleep is must

A good night’s sleep is an important reason for a well-thought-out purchase of your bedding or comforter. Whenever you are out shopping for a comforter next time, give consideration to an organic bamboo comforter or bed sheet, since staying with your old type of bedding can compromise your sleep.

This post is shared by Cozyearth, offering wide range of organic beddings like bamboo sheets, organic comforters, bamboo duvet covers, all made from the world’s most sustainable resource.  For more information on bamboo sheets, silk pillows and bamboo beddings, visit www.cozyearth.com.

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