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Design Trend:  See-Through Refrigerators

Design Trend: See-Through Refrigerators

One kitchen design trend I’ve been seeing more and more is the glass-front refrigerator.  

So far, though, this trend has been limited to the pages of magazines and design websites.  The only glass-front refrigerators I have worked with are wine refrigerators; for some reason, this trend hasn’t caught on in my part of the country.

glass door refrigerator

Photo Courtesy GE Monogram

While they look fantastic in design photo shoots, I’m not convinced that glass-front refrigerators are very practical.  Aside from the problem of finger prints, glass doors show everything inside your refrigerator.  I don’t know about you, but my refrigerator is nearly never “company-ready,” and I would be horrified to show people the state of my refrigerator on most days.  We have shelves full of leftovers and condiments – not perfectly matched and stacked dinnerware.  And, of course, they aren’t cheap.  Many models range anywhere from $6,000-$10,000!

Sub Zero glass front fridge

Photo Courtesy of Sub Zero

I will say, however, that without the interior lights on, the contents of the refrigerator are a bit harder to see from across the kitchen.  As with any refrigerator, opening the door turns the lights on, and closing it either turns it off completely or dims the light, depending on the model you choose.

What do you think?  Are these glass-front refrigerators something you hope to bring into your kitchen?  Do you like the look?

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