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Design Dialogue – April 26, 2012

Design Dialogue – April 26, 2012

Hello, everyone!  Welcome to the weekly Design Dialogue!

Every Thursday, I offer you a chance to ask design questions and get some answers.  Whether you need advice on a paint color, help with a room layout or suggestions for window treatments, this is a great place to get some free design advice – just in time for those weekend projects.  Or, if you want to chat about design trends, the newest colors on the market or that great piece of furniture you saw last week, this is the place.  If you spot any great deals on home decor, feel free to share them here, as well.

So, let’s get started!  Leave your questions and thoughts in the comments below.  I’ll be checking in throughout the day to offer advice and answer questions; you are also invited to answer questions posed by your fellow readers.  Let’s get this conversation started!New Kitchen

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4 Responses to Design Dialogue – April 26, 2012

  1. Lalabean says:

    We are in the process of changing our floors from carpet to laminate flooring, and it’s turning out absolutely beautiful. We are now on to our den, which is a 12×11 room. Because the room hasn’t been painted in quite some time and needs it really bad, I am tempted to change the color from a creamy tan to something more warm. I was looking at some greens, but they either seem too dark or too well, green. I am also concerned that a darker color would make the room seem even smaller than it already is. Any suggestions on what colors might add a warm feeling, but not make it feel ‘overcrowded’ with color? Thanks Teri!

    • Teri says:

      Hello! So glad to “see” you here! 🙂
      You are right about green – it can go very badly, very quickly. But, green can also add warmth to a space without adding too much color; in fact, many greens can be considered neutrals! You could give a couple different greens a try: Sherwin Williams #7727 “Koi Pond” is a nice earthy green, but not too dark. Sherwin Williams #6163 “Grassland” is another option – a little more gray. Sherwin Williams #6177 “Softened Green” is lovely, too, as is the color one shade darker “Clary Sage” – but, these are definitely more green than the others. I’ve also had good luck with Benjamin Moore’s #HC-115 “Georgian Green” and #HC-116 “Guilford Green.”

      Another option for creating a warm space without adding too much color is yellow. Don’t think “sunshine” but rather “wheat.” Using a beige with gold undertones keeps the walls neutral, but adds a ton of warmth. Look at Sherwin Williams #6127 “Ivoire,” (one of my faves along with “Blonde” one shade darker), #6121 “Whole Wheat,” or #7691 “Biltmore Buff.”

      As always, I recommend buying a small sample pot of the colors you are considering, so you can really view the color in the room and in all different light levels. Live with it for a few days, and be sure to view it at night and on cloudy/sunny days to get a full idea of how dark you want to go with your color. You can also paint the color on a white posterboard so you can move it from wall to wall throughout the day – just keep in mind that the color will likely be a little richer when you paint 2 coats on your wall!

      I hope these ideas will give you a place to start. Let me know what you decide to do!

  2. amanda debreto says:

    Hello your mom sent me your way and said you may be able to answer this question for me. I would like to put this quote on my headboard made out out of old barn wood but i dont have good hand writing to paint it on and i dont want to spend a bunch of money on stencils but i want it to have that scabby chic look i love the way the font is on this photo any ideas how to get this quote onto my headboard?

    I can send photo of the quote once i have ur email

    • Teri says:

      Hi! Without seeing the quote, here is my thought off the top of my head (you’ll find my email on the “Contact” page).

      Since your headboard is made out of barnwood, which is assumably fairly rough in texture, I think paint is your best option. I have done quotes on walls and other smooth surfaces using vinyl letters, which are available fairly inexpensively through companies like Wall Words. They will not adhere to rough surfaces, however. So, you have a couple options.

      First, if the design of your headboard will allow it, you could use a smoother board to adhere the vinyl letters to, and then attach that board to the headboard. This board could be painted and distressed to give you the shabby chic look of an old sign. You could also paint the letters onto a backer board; that way, if you make a mistake or want to try a different color you haven’t ruined your entire headboard in the process!

      Another option would be to put the quote on the wall behind the bed instead of directly on the headboard. The letters could be adhered directly to the wall’s surface. However, if you are renting and cannot put them on the wall, or if you want to take the quote with you when you move, the words could also be adhered to a mirror, a poster board a wood plaque or nearly any other smooth surface. This could be framed as artwork and move with you.

      I hope that helps – feel free to send a photo of your bed and the quote and I will offer other suggestions if I can come up with something new! Or, readers, if you have any ideas feel free to chime in! Thanks for stopping by the site….

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