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Back to School Organizing Tips

Back to School Organizing Tips

We still have a couple of weeks before my kiddos head back to school.  So, mixed in among those fun last-minute day trips and events, we are working on organizing my children’s closets.  Not only are they stuffed with clothes that probably no longer fit, but they have also become a depository of old baby toys and stuff they no longer want. 

In the spirit of helping you, too, get your kids organized for another fabulous school year (and, to help save your sanity as you jump into the rat-race again), I wanted to share a great blog post full of ideas for organizing kids’ closets.

organize closet

Photo courtesy Housekeeping.org

The folks at Housekeeping.org have put together a wonderful list of blog posts that will help you find just the information you are looking for.  After all, every home is different and every child has different needs.

Check it out and let me know what your favorite tip was!  Happy organizing!

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