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A Fun Use For an Old Bed

A Fun Use For an Old Bed

I was in Franklin, TN, last week playing tourist, and I popped in to check out the shops at The Factory on the edge of town.  Hanging in the “hallway” was this fantastic hanging bed!

Hanging bed, Franklin, TN{Pay no attention to the creepy mannequin seated on it….}

Although I didn’t take measurements or look closely at the construction, it looks as though they used a full-sized headboard for the back of the piece, cut the footboard in half for the sides, and used the bed’s side rails to construct a space for the crib-sized mattress.  I didn’t check underneath to see what they used for the platform, but I’m sure it’s nothing fancy.

What a cute way to repurpose something old, while creating a great suspended bed/seat/swing!  It could be a great reading nook in an enclosed porch or bedroom.

A quick search of the internet revealed no detailed instructions for a piece like this, although it would seem as though someone must have them posted somewhere.  If you find them, please post a link and I will update the post to share them with everyone!

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