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Organic Patterns and Geometric Patterns:  What Is the Difference?

Organic Patterns and Geometric Patterns: What Is the Difference?

Have you ever heard the term “organic pattern?” It has nothing to do with sustainable farming methods!  Read on to find out what “organic” means in relationship to interior design and how it differs from “geometric.”

There are two broad groups of patterns available for your home decorating pleasure.  These patterns are used on fabrics, wallpapers, rugs, artwork and more, bringing interest and style to your space.

The first type of pattern is “geometric.”  This pattern type is linear and …. well….geometric.  They have more “structure” than organic patterns, and seem to be man-made designs instead of something that could be growing from the earth.  If you are looking for geometric patterns, check out stripes, checks, plaids, circles and other geometric patterns like these from Greenhouse Design:



geometric pattern

geometric pattern

The other type of pattern in used in home decor is “organic.”  Organic patterns are the opposite of geometric patterns – think “growing” when you think of an organic pattern.  Instead of straight lines, organic patterns utilize curves, scrolls, vines, leaves, flowers and other curvilinear features.  Fabrics like these from Greenhouse Design give you a good picture of what makes up an organic pattern:

vine pattern

paisley pattern

floral pattern

organic pattern

To create interest in your space, be sure to use some geometric patterns and some organic patterns in your decor.  Mixing the patterns on your fabrics, rugs or wallpaper creates contrast – the key to a balanced and interesting room.

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