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New Product:  Retractable Towel Ring

New Product: Retractable Towel Ring

In my design work, I find that folks either love towel rings or hate ’em.  Some people love the fact that their hand towel is easy to reach and tends to dry more quickly on a ring.  Other folks hate the fact that their towels constantly fall out of the ring, and sometimes hang in front of light switches and in other inconvenient places.  A new type of towel ring may be just the ticket…

Recently, Moen came out with a retractable towel ring.  This small item can be mounted to the wall or the side of a cabinet, and allows you to hang your hand towel in a place convenient for easy access.  Its small size allows even more installation options, since it takes up less room on the wall than a traditional ring.

Moen Retractable Towel Ring

The rubberized ring grips the hand towel securely, keeping it from falling to the floor with every use.  It accommodates a range of towel sizes, and comes in an array of metal finishes and styles, meant to coordinate with Moen’s faucets.

As the mom of two kiddos who constantly have our hand towel on the bathroom floor, I love the fact that the retractable cable makes it easy for kids to use, while keeping the towel in place and out of the way.  This product, it seems, would also be handy in the kitchen, laundry room or garage.  Installing inside a cabinet would allow you to keep the towel out of sight, while the pull-out feature gives you easy access to your towel.

Moen Retractable Towel Ring

Please keep in mind that I have only had the privilege of testing this out in the Moen showroom, so far.  If you have purchased on of these retractable towel rings, please feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts.  I’d love to hear what you think, having tried it out in your own home…I love the concept, but I’m always interested in hearing how it works in real life!

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  1. Paper towels seem like a brilliant invention. What’s more convenient than disposable towels that you don’t have to clean or use again? Just buy new ones and throw the old one away. What we may not think about when using paper towels are the extreme waste that they create, and what their effects on the environment truly are.

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