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Guest Post:  Is Laminate Better Than Carpet?

Guest Post: Is Laminate Better Than Carpet?

Is laminate flooring better than carpet?  Perhaps.  It will depend on what your needs are.  Matthew Crist is a big fan of laminate, and offers his thoughts on why it is a better option than carpet for many homes.

If you’ve ever tried clearing baked beans off carpet you’ll know why choosing the right flooring is so important for your home.

Anyone who has gone to get a glass of water on a cold night may wish they had a carpet in their kitchen, but in terms of functionality, hygiene and cleanliness a good quality laminate floor is always a better option.

Take a look at a few of the reasons some top designers believe that laminate wipes the floor with carpet and is top of the pile when it comes to flooring in your home.

laminate flooring

Photo courtesy Armstrong

Practical reasons

Laminate flooring is water resistant and strong. It can withstand bangs and cracks from heavy objects that can be dropped on it, which in a kitchen can happen quite often. Any small spills or major culinary disasters can soon be mopped up and as laminate flooring is stain resistant, there will be no lasting damage.


Most laminate flooring will continue to look as good as it was on the day it was installed, even after years of wear and tear. A simple mop or wipe with a cleaning solution will do the trick. Carpet on the other hand will date quickly and will also show any signs of damage, the slightest spill or general dirt that has been walked in.


As well as looking good, laminate is a lot easier to keep clean than carpet, so making it easier to keep free of germs and bacteria. Dirt that gets deep down into a carpet will stay there until the next deep clean, which might not be for a few months at a time. A laminate floor can be disinfected and wiped daily, which is important in an area where food is being prepared or young children are playing.

laminate flooring

Photo courtesy Armstrong


There are plenty of options available if you’re looking for reasonably cheap laminate flooring that still looks good in your home. In terms of cost per square foot, laminate can be a much cheaper and because of its durability, will last much longer than carpet.

Ease of installation

Laminate flooring is relatively easy to fit and most people are able to put it down without the services of a professional. The tongue-and-groove joints mean that the pieces simply slot into place and form a firmly-fastened and flat surface.

Environmentally Friendly

Laminate Flooring is an environmentally preferable product, manufactured from timber that’s been sourced from sustainably managed European plantations. The wood fibres are also bonded under high temperatures using biologically degradable and low emission resins.

This comparison piece has been written by experienced copywriter Matthew Crist. As you may have guessed, Matthew is one of the beneficiaries of a quality laminate flooring solution. Unsurprisingly, he’s not a carpet fan.

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