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Design Trend:  Handmade

Design Trend: Handmade

The past several years have signaled a change in the way people shop for home decor.  No longer content with using purely mass-produced items to decorate their homes, folks are turning to handmade items to give their homes that one-of-a-kind look they desire.

Handmade details have experienced a resurgence over the past couple of years.  Once left to those crafty few, it seems everyone is trying their hand at making something for their homes.  Knitting and crochet are very popular right now, and this texture can be found in pillows, throws and even rugs.  Patchwork, pleats, embroidery, and raw fabric edges add texture to to a space, bringing in a cozy, homespun feel.

To see evidence of this trend, you need to look no further than the exploding popularity of websites such as Etsy.  A repository of everything handmade, Etsy offers homeowners and decorators (both pro and DIY) a source for original artwork, hand-knitted throws, custom furniture and more.  While handmade items are traditionally more expensive than mass-produced items, don’t assume this is true.  You will find many examples of affordable handmade items on Etsy, and at local art and craft shows.  Buying a handmade item ensures that no one else will have it, and it will bring a feeling of quality and beauty to your home like nothing else can.  And, often the sellers will create something custom just for you and your home!



Even if you shop in discount and department stores, where you will not find one-of-a-kind handmade decor, the handmade look is still easy to spot.  Look for pillows featuring embroidered designs, crocheted and knitted textures, patchwork throws and other handmade details.  This pillow from  Pier One is very affordable, and looks as though it was hand-embroidered:

Pier 1 Embroidered Flower Pillow


This lampshade from Target looks handsewn:

Target lampshade

If you are looking for trendy home decor this year, be sure to include something handmade (or something with a handmade look) in every room.  Available in a variety of styles – from shabby chic to modern – handmade objects give a space that one-of-a-kind, homey feel like nothing else can.

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