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What Size Is Your Bed?  A Guide To Bed Sizes

What Size Is Your Bed? A Guide To Bed Sizes

Beds come in many different sizes, and sometimes the same size is referred to by a couple of different names, which creates confusion.  Never fear!  Read on for details on the different bed sizes on the market today, and be sure to bookmark this article for future reference.  You never know when you need to find this information in a pinch…

A “toddler bed” is a bed made especially for little ones; it is often the first bed they use after leaving their crib.  It is the same size as a crib, so toddler beds use a crib mattress.  The mattress dimension is 27″ x 52″.   Toddler beds are also typically very low, just in case Junior takes a tumble in the middle of the night.

Desk in bedroom

A twin bed can be perfect for children’s rooms or in tight spaces.

A “twin” bed, also called a “single” bed, is made for one person.  The mattress size is 39″ x 75″.  Twin beds also come in an extra-long length, which is great for taller folks.  They are often found in college dorm rooms, but are also available through furniture stores.  An extra-long mattress is 80″ long.

A “full” bed, also referred to as a “double” bed, is made for two people.  Or, it gives one person some room to spread out!  The mattress measures 54″ x 75″.  While many folks find this too “cozy” for regular use in a master bedroom, a full bed can be a great option for a guest room with little room to spare, or in a child’s room.

bright bedroom

A queen bed fits beautifully in this master bedroom. Photo courtesy of Landsted

A “queen” bed is by far the most popular mattress size in the US.  While it gives couples more room to spread out and sleep comfortably, it doesn’t take up as much space as the larger king-sized bed.  A queen mattress measures 60″ x 80″.

A “king” bed is quite a bit larger, measuring 76″ x 80″.  King-size beds require a large room to accommodate their size.  In addition, the box spring (also called the “foundation” or “platform”) of a king bed is created in two pieces.  It is often too large to make it around tight corners, into doorways and up the staircase if it was made in one rigid piece – so, they make it in two pieces.  A queen box spring can also be ordered in two pieces, often, if it would be difficult to maneuver a one-piece foundation into your bedroom.

There is one more bed size, although it is used less often than the others.  A “California king” or “Western king” bed is narrower but longer than a standard king bed.  The mattress measures 72″ x 84″.

king bed master bedroom

A king size platform bed is the perfect choice for this spacious, modern master bedroom. Photo courtesy Landsted.

When choosing a bed size, take the space in your room into consideration.  Don’t over-crowd the room with furniture.  Be sure to take into account the size of the bed frame, too, not just the mattress.  A sleigh bed, for example, will take up more room than a wrought iron frame.  And, remember – you will likely want a side table or two to fit alongside the bed, too!

Be sure that you select a mattress that will fit into the frame you have; a standard king bed won’t fit in a California king bed frame.  Or, be sure to buy a frame that will accommodate your desired mattress size.  Either way, they need to be compatible.

Mattresses come in many different thicknesses, depending on how they are constructed.  Choose one that you find comfortable that fits within your budget.  And, before you buy a box spring as a part of your purchase, be sure your bed frame requires one; platform beds often need just a mattress.

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