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The Real Cost of Hiring a Designer

The Real Cost of Hiring a Designer

Curious about hiring a designer, and how much it could cost?  Read on…

I was recently asked to put together some thoughts for the Wisconsin Real Estate website about the real cost of hiring an interior designer.  Naturally, as an interior designer, I may be a teensy bit biased.  However, I tend to think a good designer is worth her weight in gold.  🙂

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If you are considering the idea of hiring a designer or decorator, remember to think about not only the costs associated with HIRING the designer (fees, product mark-ups, etc), but also consider the costs of NOT hiring a designer.  Those costs can be very high, and the entire project you’ve undertaken can cause you more stress than should ever be necessary.

A designer takes on the liability of measuring your space, ensuring things will fit, coordinating the orders of products, and taking care of any mistakes or problems that come up along the way.  If you don’t hire a designer – that’s all on you.  Not pretty, is it?

Take a peek at my article over on the Wisconsin Real Estate site, then be sure to come back here to leave me your thoughts about hiring a designer.  Have you had good experiences with designers in the past?  Bad ones?  I’d love to hear about it!

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