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Before & After:  Cute Pink Vanity Set

Before & After: Cute Pink Vanity Set

What little girl doesn’t need a vanity in her bedroom?  A place to primp and prepare for a fun day at school or in the backyard.  A place to daydream and make silly faces at yourself in the mirror.  Hopefully, these before and after photos will inspire you to create just such a place for your little princess…Continue Reading

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Color Trend:  Fuchsia

Color Trend: Fuchsia

Fuchsia may not be the color you first think of when you think about redecorating your home, even though it’s been a popular color on the fashion runways for several years.  But, a splash of this vibrant pink is on-trend this year, and it can perk up just about any space.  And, used in moderation,Continue ReadingContinue Reading

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