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Repurposed Holiday Decor:  Snow Scene Jar

Repurposed Holiday Decor: Snow Scene Jar

Tired of the Christmas decor you own?  Or, did you (like me) have a piece break and become unusable?  Never fear!  You can repurpose those old decor items into something fresh and new – just in time for Christmas.

I had a lovely candle holder, which I used in my Christmas decorating every year.  The crackled-glass jar sat on top of a goldish-silver pedestal, and looked perfectly coordinated with my vintage-look Santa, all dressed in white.

Unfortunately, a mishap [read: I dropped the box the candle holder was in and shattered the glass into a thousand tiny pieces] meant I could no longer use my lovely candle holder.  Bah!  The pedestal was still in good shape, though, and it gave me an idea…

holiday snow scene jar

Instead of tossing it out, I set a pint-sized mason jar on top.  Then, I added a small porcelain Santa figure and a bottle-brush tree, along with a teeny-tiny plastic Christmas gift.  A bit of hot glue ensured that everything would stay in place.  I sprinkled in a little faux snow, and voila!  Instant snow-globe-in-a-jar!  I added the lid to the jar, covering the top with a bit of wintry fabric to finish it off.  Then, the jar was hot-glued to the top of the pedestal.

I’m just tickled with how it turned out.  I think Santa likes it, too…can you see him gazing at it from the background?  I always love a mix of old and new, glitzy and rustic, so this project was right up my alley. Give it a try – with or without a fancy pedestal.  You can use miniature Christmas tree ornaments for your figures, or scour the thrift store for some items to create your own snow globe.  Enjoy!

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