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Organize Your Home Improvement Projects With a Custom Photo Book

Organize Your Home Improvement Projects With a Custom Photo Book

Sometimes, the most difficult project of a remodeling project is keeping everything organized after the project is complete.  Keeping track of what paint color you used on the bathroom walls or what manufacturer made your cabinetry can be challenging.  And, having this information at your fingertips later on can be a lifesaver!  A photo book can be just the ticket to keeping your projects organized for future reference.



You may already use Shutterfly or other online photo sites for ordering photos of your kids.  I’ve created several photo books on Shutterfly, and I love the ease of putting together a scrapbook of all the family fun we’ve had over the past year.  And, they offer some great deals on their photo books (be on the lookout for them!)  But, did you know their photo books also give you a wonderful option for organizing your remodeling and redecorating projects?

Shutterfly photo book

Create a photo book using one of their simpler, “Portfolio” book layouts (these layouts are simpler, and their quiet page backgrounds won’t detract from the colors and details in your photos).  There are options in every book size, so choose the one that will tell your story best, and one that fits your budget.  Then, organize your photos in a way that will document your project.  You may want to place your “before” and “after” pics side-by-side, as they are in this photo book page layout:

Shutterfly photo book page layout

Or, you may prefer to document the project from start to finish, beginning with photos of the building site or space you plan to remodel, and progressing through the project chronologically by including pics of the demolition process, construction and finished space.  Include details about the project as captions on the pages of your book.  Point out the features you chose and explain why you chose them, and talk about how you felt during the remodeling process.  You can create the photo book when you first start the project, if you wish, adding photos and details as needed.  This makes the process painless and ensures you won’t leave out any important details.

Not only is a photo book a great way to easily document the project itself, but it can also be a place to organize a few of your finish samples for future use.  In the pages shown below, space was left on one side for the homeowner to paste in a swatch of their wall paint color.  That way, when they need to buy more paint for touch-ups, or need to take a swatch to the store when shopping for accessories, it will always be easy to find and carry with them.  You could also include fabric snippets for future use; just don’t fill the pages with too many thick swatches, or the book won’t close properly!

Shutterfly book

Be sure to include other design details, such as cabinetry manufacturers and finishes, countertop materials, tile information, furniture sources and other such items.  These details may seem tedious now, but will come in handy in the future.  If you ever need to replace a knob on your kitchen cabinet, for example, you will have a reference of where you bought the knob, the manufacturer’s name, item number and finish; this can save you a ton of time researching and shopping for replacement items.

While you are enjoying your new space, it can be hard to remember what it looked like before the remodeling project; a photo book will keep those memories and details close at hand.  Whether you choose to create a photo book to share the project with your friends and family or to keep track of your color samples for future reference, they can be a handy way to document a major renovation or building project.

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