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Home Decor:  Made in America Part 2

Home Decor: Made in America Part 2

Last year, I posted an article outlining some of the great Made-in-America home decor products available today. As Independence Day approaches, I thought now would be a great time to share some more products made by our friends and neighbors in our own back yard.

Check out Ron Fisher Furniture, located in central Iowa, if you like painted, distressed finishes.  This furniture is very solid and sturdy, and can be finished in nearly any color or combination of colors – it’s completely customizable!  And, they will even customize the furniture piece to meet your needs.  They sell to the trade only, but you can search for a local furniture store or designer to purchase your pieces.

custom distressed furniture

Photo courtesy Ron Fisher

For upholstered furniture, check your local retailer for Sam Moore furniture, based in Virginia.  They offer a high-quality product at a reasonable price, and in styles for every home.

Sam Moore Furniture

Photo courtesy Sam Moore

Shop for bedding of all kinds at The Company Store, which manufactures their quality products in LaCrosse, WI.


bedding made in USA

Photo courtesy The Company Store


Dal Tile offers tons of tile options that are manufactured at various locations throughout the United States.  Click here for a great reference list.

made in America Tile

Photo courtesy Dal Tile


In the market for new countertops?  Cambria, based and manufactured in southern Minnesota, offers a high-quality, beautiful alternative to granite.  I’ve toured the manufacturing plant, and it’s really something to behold!  Cambria is maintenance-free and very durable, making it ideal for today’s busy families.

Cambria countertops

Photo courtesy Cambria


But, if you’d rather have the real thing, there are plenty of stone countertop options made from granite mined and fabricated in United States locations.  Minnesota and Vermont are two states with many granite quarries offering a variety of granite colors, like Lake Superior Green which is mined in northern Minnesota (shown below).  Your local countertop fabricator can supply you with a list of the colors available from US quarries.

granite quarry America

Photo courtesy Paramount Granite


Need to add some spice to those boring walls?  Find a York Wallcovering retailer near you.  Their gorgeous wallpapers have been manufactured in the United States for more than 100 years, and they have styles ranging from traditional and historic designs to the ultra- modern, like this bold choice:


wallpaper made in USA

Photo courtesy York Wall

And, of course, who can forget Etsy.com?  On this site, you’ll find art and handmade goods for your home, and you have the option to search for those items according to the sellers’ location.  Search for locally-made goods or something made in the US.  You won’t be disappointed, but you may find your afternoon slipping away as you browse the thousands of gorgeous options, like these leaves made by Carol Broadley.

made in wisconsin art

Photo courtesy Carol Broadley Pottery

As you can see, designing your home completely with products made in the United States can be done – and you certainly don’t need to sacrifice quality or pay a premium to do it.

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