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High-Tech Wallpaper

High-Tech Wallpaper

In case you are worried about the security of your home computer or home business technology, soon you may have a solution — wallpaper that blocks wi-fi signals!

While this product, called “metapaper,” is not on the market yet, it may be soon.  The wallpaper is meant to be used underneath a “pretty” wallpaper.  Its snowflake pattern helps to filter the electromagnetic waves coming into or going out of a room.

CNN Wifi Blocking Wallpaper

According to the developers, metapaper will help keep your wi-fi signal from being stolen, making your computer system more secure.  However, it still allows cell phone signals to pass through.  Even your health could be affected, by reducing the number of signals you are subjected to each day.

As noted in the article I read on the CNN blog, you cannot completely secure any room – unless you plan to wallpaper over your floor, ceiling and windows.  However, it could make a difference in your security level.

What do you think?  Is this a product you would be interested in using?  I find the mix of technology and home/office finishing materials very interesting, but I’m not sure it’s totally necessary.  Thoughts?

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